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Guys. What color do you like?

Asked by babygalll (2748points) May 3rd, 2008

What color do you like to see on a girls toes?

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pink is nice. but not hot pink, soft pink is better.
maybe a light blue would be nice too.

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French tips; I don’t really care as long as they’re nicely painted and kept up with. Like if you shave your legs everyday to make sure they look good, then why wouldn’t make sure your toes look good.

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Usually softer colors. Bright red can emphasize “flaws” if there are any. By flaws, I mean toes or feet looking fat or big. Bright red looks gross on gross feet is what I’m trying to say. I’d say the same for other bold colors. A softer color lets you appreciate the foot with the bonus of subtle decoration.

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White or Ruby Red

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Turquoise or purple!

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Haha, is this really an issue to guys? It really doesn’t matter to me

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Haha, no!

Now that you mention it, I really don’t give a shit.

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Red! But if the lingirie is black, forgive me if I don’t notice!

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I agree with kev, soft pastel colors look nice, plus this allows for the flower decor they nowadays like to paint on to show up clearly. In the end is up to the girl’s choice. They seem to have a mind of their own regardless of our suggestion.

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kevbo, I’m wearing bright red right now on my toes, but don’t worry; my feet aren’t ugly. :D I love wearing reds.

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It does look hot on the right feet. Hopefully, you get the kinds of examples I’m thinking of. Just trying to play it safe.

It looks like it’d go with your complexion quite well. Not that you need my assesment.

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yeah I totally know what you mean- pastel pinks are girly and cute on everyone. ;)

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Isn’t it more important that it suits the shoes, clothes and personality that it’s worn with/by, than it being a specific colour ?

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I dont care what color they are but red is my favorite color. So blood red would be sexy lol

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I love anything that a girl that I’m into likes. It’s her body, she can do a she pleases’. I’m into the ladies for their traits and personality. Looks do help in the beginning but the toes are not important then.

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yeah! Toes don’t determine the outcome of their personality, so the theory about toenality is out of the question. Personality and social style are prime factors in having a great to mediocre relationship with a lady. Looks were important to me only at the beginning when I was inexperienced with the ladies. I have had enough lessons now that some ladies have a stunning look, that’s all they have because they spend all their attention and energy to keep that image. A balance between the two traits is the ideal lady.

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Any color as long as it’s not too bright…

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red its sexy.

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