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Is it possible to get an "adult themed" hotel room?

Asked by Evelyn_475 (787points) August 12th, 2011

Are there hotels that offer rooms with sexual themes (sex swings, sex items, etc)? If so, where are they located and what do they offer?

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I’m thinking Vegas, but I don’t know exactly what hotel. Also, many years ago a friend of mine said some hotels in Tokyo had some crazy sex toys going on. Not sure if it is still true.

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There are several B&b’s in the UK that offer this.

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How about any of these located in California??

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I liked the question, and was considering a joke – but truthfully – I don’t know that I would use anything, anything at all like that in a hotel. I barely use the towels and sheets – preferring to bring my own with me.

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Try going on a kinky social networking site, like Fetlife, or, and ask there. People there might know.

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We have a chain “romantic” getaway hotel rented by the afternoon, night or overnight here in the midwest. They are not “sex toyish” but have pools, whirlpools, waterfalls, saunas, and massage chairs-etc. They have specific rules about whom the rooms are rented to.

I agree with @JLeslie‘s Vegas answer. It may actually be the closest locale to CA with a sex theme.

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There’s a few here in Cali, drive past one occasionally here in NorCal, don’t remember the name though…

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There was one in Tahoe City long ago that didn’t have toys but had a whirlpool/jacuzzi in every room that could hold 4 close people and advertised they had free adult movies. It closed in the 80s.

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this list may be more than you’re looking for. There is one in LA.

Also I’ve heard of The Olympus Motel in Las Vegas but they may have changed ownership.

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The Madona Inn Has a caveman room. That’s close. Just don’t bump your head in the rock shower like my husband did.

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