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Does any one know anything about the pod coffee pots?

Asked by Unclepepsi (900points) August 12th, 2011

I wanted to get a pod coffee pot for my home business and was wondering if anyone could recommend a good one. The other thing I wanted to know was if the Single brew cups that you buy for them are universal. For instance can you buy a coffee pot from target and use Starbucks, or Caribou pods, or any other brand for that matter. Do these coffee pots have tea pods too?

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I’m pretty sure the pods are not interchangeable. They are designed to be used in their own brand. I have only seen them in motels.

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@YARNLADY is correct: the various brands are not interchangeable. I’ve used the Philips Senseo, both in the office and at home, and we take them to tradeshows for work. It pumps out a pretty decent cup of coffee: hot, a little head on top like an espresso, and fairly tasty.

Don’t switch to a pod machine if you prefer your coffee to be from a local micro-roaster. The pod manufacturers tend to be the giant brands. Also don’t do it if, like me, you enjoy having a pot on all morning. The podmachine is more labor-intensive than a standard carafe.

But, I would highly recommend the Senseo for small business use. I’ve switched back to a standard carafe at home, but my wife now has our Senseo in her small office. It’s a nice treat, and definitely better than Folgers.

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We have a Keurig. My husband usually uses the reusible metal fiter cups and buys whatever ground he wants. One more step to clean the filter, but not a big deal, no coffee pot to clean. He loves it. You save money if you do it that way, and better for the environment.

I’m pretty sure not interchangeable also. Maybe there are a few no brand or private label brands that are made to fit brand names? I just don’t knowof the top of my head. Keurig is owned by Green Mountain coffee (Vermontcompany, I had not put green mountain together until I was up there on vacation, I went to their little display thingy information center, and store. My husband doesn’t love their coffee, but certain flavors are good.

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I recommend Keurig k-cup brewers. I have one at my office, it works perfectly and brews a great single cup of coffee or tea every morning. You would be amazed at the selections they have for k-cups, in fact check them out here;

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They are too expensive and offer nothing superior to a single cup drip coffee maker.

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What I know is that the coffee usually sucks.

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