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How much was your first paycheck ever?

Asked by heresjohnny (1558points) August 13th, 2011

I just got my first paycheck for my first “real world” job post-college, and it got me thinking about jobs and paychecks etc.

What was the amount (approximately) of your first paycheck for your first job where you got a regular pay check? (i.e., not mowing your neighbors lawn or dog-walking), and what was the job? What did you do with it? Any other stories or anecdotes about your first job that you would like to share?

With a wide variety of jellies and ages on this site, i think this could lead to an interesting discussion. I’ll start us off. My first job with a regular paycheck was at a movie theater when I was in high school, and I believe my first check was about $200. It all went straight to saving up for college.

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I worked in a child labour factory for a jewelery company called MicMac. they paid me 52.000 pesetas for a months work. That is about 350 bucks. It was a full time job (10 hours a day) I was 15 years old, and I did it for a couple of months.

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I was 14 at a skating rink (roller) and one weeks work was about $60.00.

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$84.00 for a 40 hour week in 1975 working at 2.10 an hour. I was very thrifty back then and kept 15.00 for my gas, food and entertainment and put the rest in savings. I was able to buy my first two cars (used) for cash.

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I did an internship at bank of america in high school and got $250. I think I was there for a couple weeks, or maybe a month? I really don’t remember.

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Gas station, part time about 20 hours per week. Just over $17.00 for the week.
I was paid, per hour, at or above minimum wage. Almost unheard of for P/T to make minimum wage.
Some weeks I took my pay in silver dollars ( minus 10 percent )—- I wish I still had the forty or fifty “cartwheels” .

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My first paycheck was from a radio station. It was $50.00 for a week. This was in 1963 and that was pretty good money back then.

Gasoline was 23.9 cents a gallon.

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$92 for about 20 hours of work.

Minimum wage, 1991.

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When I was 16, I worked as a waiter for $2.18 an hour, plus tips. I think my very first paycheck was for a weekend of training at minimum wage ($5.15 an hour in CO in 1999, sadly not much more now), or roughly 50 bucks after all was settled. My first “real” job, out of college, was a “draw-against-commission” position (which I would not recommend anyone ever take), that paid $2500 a month as a 1099 contractor, so I got it all in one lump sum and had to do my own withholding for taxes.

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It was probably between $110.-$120., I worked for a caterer.

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Straight out of school, fish processing plant £60!!!
Took me all of two hours to spend it….hic!!

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I got $32 fr working 20 hours at $1.60 per hour at Chicken delight in 1968…. way back when a dollar was worth a dollar. I just checked the inflation rate using a US dollar inflation equivalence calculator to see how much that was in today’s money. A dollar in 1966 is worth $6.63 today, so I was getting 1.60×6.63 = $10.61 per hour in today’s money.

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My first pay-check was last year, when I was 14, at a roller skating rink (where I still work), and consisted of $90 for my two shifts. I saved it. Still saving. I had other sources of income to buy trivial things like video games. I’m saving for more realistic things; like a car (specifically a Volkswagon Combi). I spent my first $700 a couple of months back when I bought a bed.

@missingbite How many hours did you work? And at what roller skating rink? Just wondering…

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I had a paper route when I was around 12, but my first job-job was working at Kentucky Fried Chicken. I got a check for $35 (after taxes) for 24 hours work.
My first full time job was as a long distance operator, and I got about $250 for 40 hours, I think.
I would have to go back and look at it to be sure.

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$6.00 for caddying for one golfer at age 14. My first paycheck was $7.46 for 3 hours work at the burger joint I worked for at 15.

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The first time I was ever given an actual paycheck, and not just cash handed to me by a neighbor, was when I performed Christmas carols for a local mall with two of my friends. We were 11 at the time. The mall promised us $100 each, but they ended up only giving us $100 total. The check was sent to me, so I cashed it, gave $50 to one friend, and gave $50 to the other. (They just knew we were getting paid; they never asked how much. We were 11, it was a big deal to have a “job” at all.)

The first job where I got a regular paycheck was when I started working at a local hospital over the summer. I was 15 at the time and mostly did filing, deliveries, and supply stocking. I worked 32 hours a week and made around $160. I saved almost all of my money at the time. Eventually, it was used for taking girls out on dates. Luckily, I got several raises over the years I worked there.

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I was about 10 or 11. One summer I made about 6 dollars a week. My 2 older siblings had a summer job and I had to get their clothes ready for work the next day and make their breakfast, 5 days a week. By the end of the week I could go to the movies and buy a hot dog and soda at the movies.
My next real job. I worked 20 hours a week after school and earned about 50 after SS being taken out. Twenty-five went to my parents, I would spend 10 total for school lunch (if I bought any) and dinner at work, so that left me with 15 to save and spend on any clothes I wanted to buy.

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@tomatrondroid I worked 7 shifts for the whole week with total hours of about 20 hours. It was a House of Wheels skating rink back in….wait for it…...1983! Now that I think about it, I was actually 12 almost 13 when I started working there. No such thing as child labor laws! That was about $3.00/hour!

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£130 a week when I was 16 and had just left school (9 years ago).

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$256.00 I worked at a shoe store during one of their twice yearly sales. It was insane. An old lady made me cry. But I hid in the bathroom.

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£1500 per month. Summer job working for a bookmaker.

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In 1963 as a carpenter’s helper I made $0.75 an hour and cleared $24 for a 40 hour work week after all withholding. Yeah, the good old days.

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I worked in the local “five and dime” around 1982 and I made the minimum wage at at the time, which was about $3.30. I worked 6 hours each Saturday, and my check was about $18. It was a small enough amount that I didn’t feel it was worth giving up my Saturday for. I only stayed about six months, I think. It was incredibly boring, unless I was on the register.

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I was 17 and I made $300something dollars working at an office supply store.

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When I was 10 or so I got $40 a month for my paper route. As far as I was concerned I was sitting in butter. My first real job was Winchell’s Donuts, I lasted about three shifts (at $3.35 an hour) before I got fired (I was a very smart mouthed 16 year-old), my first check was around $35.

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I washed cars at my dad’s shop during the summers between school. I earned 75 cents/hours, and I think my first paycheck was about $32. I was over the moon with it.

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About 90 dollars, paid every second week. I had a weekend job in a Jamaican bar as a coatcheck girl. I was 15 or some shit, and I only lasted about a month, because working with the public isn’t for me. Still, got a coupla video games from those paychecks. :D

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I don’t remember. Probably around $35. I was paid $1.00 an hour…I was a car hop at Sonic and they assumed I’d make it to minimum wage on tips.

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