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Changing my diet every other day for my workout?

Asked by comicalmayhem (809points) August 13th, 2011

I read that you can’t gain muscle and lose fat at the same time unless you’re overweight or have done heavy lifting before.
On some days, I’ll lift weights and do cardio, and on others I’ll just do cardio (because I can’t lift when my muscles hurt or they won’t repair). When I lift weights, my goal is to gain muscle, so I eat more food with lots of protein. When I do just cardio, my goal is to lose fat, so I eat less and don’t find the extra protein necessary.

Will this diet plan work?
Is it a good idea to change my diet pretty much every other day or should I keep it consistent?

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As I recall, @comicalmayhem , you’re 15 or thereabouts (my bad if I’m wrong) so you probably have a bunch of growing yet to do, so I’m thinking keeping up your protein intake, well, along with every good thing (lotsa veg and fruits and dairy as well) because you’re not only building muscle, you’re still building bone and brain and everything else. Be careful about getting too specialized during the growth times, you don’t want to short any vital systems.

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@JilltheTooth Yeah, I’m not gonna go crazy with it. I’m only going to lose a little fat so I can reveal the muscle. And I’m only going to gain a little muscle so I look toned and not just skinny.

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As long as you keep in mind that the person-to-be has yet to happen, and you stay healthy! Sorry, @comicalmayhem , I can’t help it, I’m such a mom! :-)

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You shouldn’t be trying to eat certain things on certain days to correspond with whether or not you are doing cardio or weight lifting.

Develop a good diet that supports an active lifestyle and eat that every day.

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Indeed.Develop your diet and stick with it. I have to tell you one thing though. You started way above your powers. If you lift weights and your muscles hurt then you wanted too much in a short time. Start small with small weights and exercise with them until you get to shape. After you can increase the weight.

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Agreed with @Hibernate You can think you are in awesome shape, and then injure yourself because you were not in awesome enough shape for what you were doing. My daughter did that, and a year later she’s still dealing with the consequences of her bad choices.

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By heavy lifting I mean relatively heavy for me. Dumbbells are usually 15 to 22 lbs and for the bench press, 50 lbs (I use the curved bar to bench press because I don’t have anything else, so it’s harder to lift than a regular bench press).
I’ve lifted before, but gave up after a month and didn’t gain more than 2 lbs of muscle. Plus I run track and cross country so I’m in pretty good shape.

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