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What to do on a cloudy saturday afternoon that is relaxing but not physically exerting?

Asked by Unclepepsi (900points) August 13th, 2011

Me and my fiancee are looking for something to do this afternoon. Its cloudy but we don’t mind being outside, we are kinda poor right know as school is kicking my but in the funds. So give me your best suggestions.

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Go for a nice walk (not a hike or a run). especially if you have woods or open space near you where you can be near nature. Or make a lunch with what you have and go on a picnic at a near by park. Take a frisbee along to play catch.

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Take a blanket and lay out and look at the clouds. You can look for shapes in the clouds and share what each of you sees.

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Make a sandwich, sit in the grass and eat it! And then when no one is around, do it!

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I always find bike rides (on as much flat ground as possible!) relaxing and not too physically exerting.

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@Blackberry Do what, pop the soda, sip the straw, split the sandwich?”

If it’s cloudy, does that mean it’s not windy? Kite flying could be fun. Also, maybe offer a friend to walk his or her dog?

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Any free concerts, museums, art shows in your area? How about fairs, craft shows, or flea markets? I could spend hours in a bookstore and not buy a book.

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@mazingerz88 Lol. Split the…..nevermind….

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Another vote for a long walk. Should the weather suddenly turn to rain, there is nothing more romantic than making a mad dash to the car or home hand-in-hand.

Is there anything in your immediate area that you haven’t been to before? Find something quirky to go and check out. For example, you might try searching for a Geocashing site in your area.

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Right now we are watching “Everybody Loves Raymond” I’m feeling pretty relaxed too.

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Are you able to climb up onto any roof? If yes then take up a blanket, pillows and enjoy the view.

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Cloudy days are ‘perfect’ for a walk in a prairie or arboretum, skip stones or rent a bicycle for 2 and ride for an ice cream sunday.

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