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Should classical music and sexy mini skirts mix?

Asked by mazingerz88 (26452points) August 14th, 2011

Here is a photo of Ms. Yuja Wang as she walks to her piano wearing a mini. And here she is in another video altogether playing in another of her sexy get-ups. I think there is nothing wrong with it and matter of factly prefer her to dress like this. But what about you?

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I couldn’t care less. ;)

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Classical music can be extremely sensual and provocative so why not the performer?

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Why should classical musicians all dress like they’re going to a funeral?

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I watched the tape and I have mixed feelings. The woman has talent, but her clothes (or lack of them) seem to take away from the classical music.

What if she had come on stage without any clothes on? Would that have really made a difference?

I am with Lucy on this one, I couldn’t care less.

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I just recently asked a question that relates to this.
It is not anyone’s damn business what anyone else is wearing.

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That’s bullshit. Why would it matter what you’re hearing and what she’s wearing?

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Suddenly, classical music just got even more awesome.

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I don’t see a problem with it, that’s like saying rappers shouldn’t wear suits, or country artists shouldn’t wear suits…lol.

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She looks great, and she’s very talented. What’s the problem?

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Well I think you can get classic mini skirts… so all’s well

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Holy Yowza!!!!!

Not only do I think they mix, seeing such an excessively attractive young woman dressed in a way that accentuates her beauty and then exhibiting the fact that she is not just an attractive “skirt” by sitting down and doing things at a keyboard that most can only dream of is absolutely awesome!!!

Not sure what the hubub is about. Are people threatened by, her attractiveness or her technical prowess? I thought in this day in age young women were supposed to feel confident and empowered with regards to their sexuality.

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I went back and listened to this extremely talented lady. I noticed she had long fingers that ran over the keyboard a centipede in hot pursuit. Wow, what a talent!

I orignally was focused on her dress, but as she started performing, my eyes shifted from her clothes to her fingers and that gorgeous Steinway piano she was playing.

Her clothes had absolutely nothing to do with her performance on the piano.

Talent is talent, no matter what music you are playing or the threads on ones body.

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I love it.

Sure, I like to dress up to the go to the symphony and I like that no one is going to be screaming or shooting heroin during the performance, but classical music is not always meant to be so formal and rigid. Music like The Rite of Spring and Bolero is pure sexual/raw music and I don’t care if sometimes the dress matches that :)

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At first people look at her. After she starts playing people just close their eyes and listen to the music.

It doesn’t matter if she’s performing naked or not the music brings those people at the show not the way she’ll dress.

my 2 cents.

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Sall fine with me.

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Classical music doesn’t deserve a stuffed shirt reputation. Good on Yuja Wang for bringing sexy back.

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Classical music + sexy miniskirt = Fiiine.

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Not if you’re a cello player.

Anyway, since blind auditions for professional (?) orchestras have been implemented (where the performer auditions behind a curtain, keeping their appearance and gender a mystery forcing the jury to choose musicians based on talent alone), more women have been admitted. So maybe appearance does have an effect on how the music is received.

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She’s fine. I think Maksim makes a great statement too.

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I dont see the big deal at all. I think she looks beautiful in that dress. It’d be one thing if she were dressed in a really trashy way or something but she’s not.

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Your first link above didn’t work for me. Try this.

I generally think a woman on stage should gauge her hemline by how it looks from the first row. Her appearance is, in a sense, part of the show, but she shouldn’t be giving an unconscious or unintentional show.

But there doesn’t have to be anything stuffy about classical music. If a piano virtuoso wants to dress like a rock star, I say let her. Why not? She is a star, and she looks great in the dress.

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It seems unlikely that her short skirt would affect her music, and I’m rather doubtful that her preferred genre of music is indicative of the way she likes to dress.

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I think those who disapprove probably looked more like this. If a woman had the talent of Yuja Wang, and she has some freakishly, wicked talent. Makes the beauty of her music even better, when you are not looking at her fingers fly over the keys like a lizard over hot stones, you would have to just listen with your eyes closed because looking would be more of a distraction. I say a refreshing change, but should only be for those who could pull it off without hurting the eyes of the audience.

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