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What exactly is monkey time?

Asked by john65pennington (29235points) August 14th, 2011

I have listened and danced to this song, by Major Lance, for many, many years. To date, I have yet to understand what this song is about. How about feeding time for monkeys? Is that it? The monkies have all their bananas lined-up and ready to go? I know you know this is a joke question, so…........Question: in your opinion, what is monkey time all about?

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Hot primal jungle lovin.

“Want a whole lot o’ love tonight
Treat your monkey right
Want a whole lot o’ love tonight
Monkey time tonight”

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Alright everybody! Let’s fling poo!!!

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Dunno. I never hear this expression before [or the song for that matter].

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It’s like hammer time, only with more bananas and less parachute pants.

@filmfann—eww! lol… but true.

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Most people believe that the “Monkey Time” is a dance as is described in the song. It certainly looks like that is the case, but what few know is that the song is a barely disguised black power song. Monkey time refers both to human origins and to the time when Monkeys will once again take over the earth. Think Planet of the Apes, which is another barely disguised racist diatribe.

To conclude, this is a secret message from the Monkey Cabal, readable only by those who read it, that is a call to arms. Or legs. Or hips. Whatever it takes.

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I think @wundayatta is right, the song is describing a dance. Now I don’t know whether the dance is symbolic for a bit of what @Cruiser was talking about…

They used to have some crazy names for dances in the 60s.

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