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Does Skype bring you closer to your friends and family abroad?

Asked by _zen_ (7854points) August 14th, 2011

Or is it just another brick in the wall of the inevitable decline in face to face communication?

Do you skype?

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I do and I like it very much.:)

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I hope it will! Jake is moving to Paris…..

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I use it to talk to my mom since she conveniently has a built in camera on her desktop computer. It’s the second best thing to being face to face, and makes the distance feel not so bad. :)

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I used to Skype a friend who was living in Australia and I loved it! She lives back in the states now, and now we just talk on phone. It would be fun to Skype with her, though, I never see her b/c she lives over 7 hrs. away. My sis just moved to Belgium so I am sure once she settles, we will Skype. Not sure I will remember how to log on! :P.

For me it just helps you stay in touch so when you do see each other, you have that continued connection. I don’t know why, but I typically only Skype people who live in a different country and I can’t call them easily.

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I have skyped with my son in Sweden. If my granddaughter in London ever gets a chance, I might get to see her in real time instead of pictures. We have never met.

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I use Skype with 3 or 4 friends. I like it a lot. It has helped with keeping long-standing friendships alive.

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I’m lucky to have all my family nearby.

@Yarnsky – how old is she now?

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@zen She just celebrated her 10th birthday.

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@YARNLADY It’s time you guys met… I am assuming (which I hate to do) that there’s a good reason why her parents haven’t been for a visit in that long (or with her) and that you haven’t flown there.

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She was the subject of an acrimonious custody battle between my son and her mother. My son suffered a severe disabling stroke and lost the hard won custody.

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It’s kept my family talking regularly while my brother is overseas, his son is in Montreal, and the rest of the family is here in California.

My daughter loves it because she can do her homework while chatting with her friends.

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Skype is a riot and you can see people you hardly know who apparently like to perform for the camera!! ;)

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I don’t Skype but I videophone (ZVRS) and use iChat video, which is similar to Skype.

I use it all the time—

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Yes it does. I know it’s only a voip chat but still one can use the web camera to see the others. And if the beloved ones are 2 continents away it’s not like you got any other solution for keeping in touch easy, fast, cheap and in real time.

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yep. I talk with my Irish friend on it quite often

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I think Skype is a great way to get closer as long as it functions properly. Me and my girlfriend talked for many hours on Skype. The only problem we faced was the rustling and the awful connection. Msn was so much easier. At least with writing you didn’t have to hear the same sentence get repeated 10 times before Skype crashed.

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Yes. My best friend lives in Mexico and we Skype weekly. Although now my computer’s dead and we haven’t talked for a while :(

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The only thing I use Skype for is to talk to my boyfriend when he is away. It’s a godsend in that sense.

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Skype is awesome.

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@zen : Indeed.

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