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Would you be upset with your bf in this situation?

Asked by Eggie (5867points) August 14th, 2011

You were at the mall waiting for a movie to begin and you were sitting in a food court with her, and she saw some guy and his friends looking at her and making signs to get her number. She told you but you just ignored it not thinking anything of it. Then all of a sudden the guy walks up to where you were sitting and says to the girl loudly, “so why dont you give me your number?” And you just take her by her hand and lead her somewhere else away from the guy instead of punching his lights out. Would you as a girl be upset that your bf didnt fight the guy?

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Your BF did the right thing. He took you away from the situation. Fighting would have ruined your night.

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actually i am the bf…...

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No. Fighting is stupid.

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No, I wouldn’t be pissed off that he hadn’t fought the guy (rather, I would be pissed off if he had fought the guy). I would be pissed off that he still found some way of handling things for me, instead of letting me handle what appears to be a non-situation.

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@Eggie Well then you did the right thing.

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I could definitely see a couple of my ex’s reacting angrily if such an incident occurred. Of course they’d also be pissed if I did react aggressively.

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No. Fisticuffs seldom solve anything. If she is angry, I’d think twice before continuing to be her boyfriend. She sounds immature.

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You absolutely did the right thing. If she is upset that you did not deck him, then it’s time to get a girlfriend that is a bit more mature

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You should have ripped his heart out and impregnated the girl over the blood smothered corpse.

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And they say girls mature faster than guys… :/ and @poisonedantidote‘s answer wins

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Uh, no. I’d be proud of myself to have chosen a guy who acts maturely.

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The BF shouldn’t have done anything unless the girl appeared scared or insulted. A girl is plenty capable of saying “get lost” or “how rude; I’m obviously with a date.”

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Nope. I think you did the right thing.

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You should have stood up and told the guy that she was spoken for. It’s all very well and good to tell you that violence is bad and you chose correctly but I don’t think you would be asking this question if you didn’t feel like the situation (and your girlfriend?) maybe demanded a little more from you.

Fighting is always a last resort but there is nothing wrong with standing up and letting somebody know you have some fucking boundaries.

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I would have said “She doesn’t need your number, bro”.

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Fight? Fighting would be ridiculous in this situation. Who thinks like that? I never get why men want to physically fight. I doubt fighting would even occur to my husband in that situation, or my father, or any other man I know well. You could have said she is your girlfriend, but it doesn’t matter that you didn’t. Walking away is fine.

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Oh my, you must love lots of drama out there. Sometimes it feels good if your man declare his strength or ‘possession’ in front of other people i.e. “This girl is mine!” in the face of other ‘candidate’ if that will make you feel special. You might think he’s a wimp but you must admit he’s a smart guy. I believe it must be your beauty that drew the attention of those guys…

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Say what? Why would the girl consider herself that worthy so others fight for her. In any case the blame can be put on her because there something she did that encouraged the guy to keep asking for your number. If you were to be straight from the start that other guy wouldn’t bother to keep trying getting her number.
Ok I know there are girls out that “that beautiful” everybody wants to have but if she’s in a relationship and still wants to get that much attention I would just dump her because she’s just a… [how can I put this so I wouldn’t be offensive] attention how or drama queen.

And if I got the situation wrong and you are the girl then read it like it about you.

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Sounds like you did the reasonable, mature thing. Good Job! Why on earth would that even be a fight situation?

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Winding up in juvenile court or jail would not be cool. Then, the other guy would have free rein over your gf and you are stuck.

Walking away was a smart move on your part.

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If my boyfriend tried to fight with someone like this I would think him very childish. My boyfriend would find that whole scenario very funny and say something like “yeah Leanne, give him your number, go on…” whilst I glare at him and try to explain to the guy that I am taking by the idiot sat next to me!

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@Eggie Is your girlfriend upset that you did this?
If I were you, I’d question my choice of partner. What does she think is going on- she’s a delicate princess in medieval times and she needs a man to use his fists to defend her honor? What a joke.

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