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I have a job interview tomorrow and I am trying to decide if it looks more professional to paint my nails?

Asked by lilakess (781points) August 14th, 2011

It will be clear or a pale pink. My nails are not long.

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Clear would be better , but clean would be best.

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Clean and well manicured are the most important. You don’t HAVE to polish them, but clear or light pink would be fine, unless it’s in the medical field. Many hospitals ban nail polish.

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As long as the interview isn’t for a hospital or the food industry, yes, a manicure with nail polish is a good idea.

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Pale pink, without a doubt

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Same as Pandora

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Nothing bright or dark. Something light

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If you choose to paint use a light color. Nothing red or too bright.Clear is best.

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Clear is the best, like mentioned above. Also don’t go in with bright cloths go in with neutral colors. Exp. a black business suit.

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If I were having the interview (and not in a field in which nail polish is unprofessional), I would do everything I could to enhance my self-confidence, and that would include having my nails freshly done. I’d opt for the clear. It’s the safer choice.

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I’d personally go with a light pink in the flesh region (you know, where you have to look closely to know that it’s not clear), because my nails are all colored from having other, brighter nail polish on there. Clear would just highlight the yellow and red stains, whereas a pink flesh color will hide the stains.

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French polish.

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I would do a light blush or ballet slipper by Essie. A nice manicure looks professional.

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