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How do you store a repetitive action in the GTD system?

Asked by elliottcable (141points) June 18th, 2007

I'm a GTD (Getting Things Done) noob, trying to get into it - one thing I can't understand is how repetitive actions are worked into the flow of daily life. Of all the GTD applications/systems I've seen thrown around, none seem to allow you to 'program' actions that should come up at some time interval - walk the dog every day at 5:00 PM for 30:00 minutes, eat lunch every day at 12:00 noon for 45:00 minutes - they all just seem to deal with single-shot, do it and it's done type actions. Does anybody have a link about how the GTD system is supposed to handle this?

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These might be actions that GTD is not meant to handle. There are some things, like brushing my teeth, that don't need to be in the GTD system--they're too detailed. There's an entry on the 43folders forums that might be useful to you. There might be other threads in that forum that have answers for you.

On the other hand, if these items must get done at specific times on specific days, they sound like calendar items. They're not projects, so you probably don't need to treat them as such.

Caveat: I haven't gone full-bore into GTD myself, but I've read the book and incorporated some elements.

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Yeah, I'm trying to figure it out. I think it would be an even bigger waste of time to try to use TWO time management systems (gtd AND a calendar system) so I'm trying to make everything gtd compatible if I can.

To others looking for an answer to this question, I just found out that the OmniFocus betas actually support marking an action as repetitive, which is sort of what I was looking for, anyway. Hope that helps somebody:

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Elliott, I see that you asked this question 9 months ago, but I just joined Fluther this week and was compelled to respond…

As a GTD’er, I have to say I can’t imagine having life without either my calendar and my GTD system. They are interconnected and have separate functions. I use Google’s calendar, and I have several repeated actions that I do weekly or monthly. Hope that helps!

Where are you at with this question, 9 months later?

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