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Self-sending spam emails - mark as junk or just delete?

Asked by gcoghill (139points) May 4th, 2008

Those spam emails that you receive which appear to come from your own email address — should I be marking these as spam, or will my email software/service think that my address is a junk email address?

I use Gmail, as well as Apple Mail for 10.5.

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You should mark these as spam, or setup a rule so that if you ever do need to send anything to yourself you can use a keyword in the subject so it isn’t junked. Take a look at ‘rules’ in the preferences. Hope this helps!

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Also: no, it will not affect the sending of email in any way.

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My concern, both for Apple Mail and for Gmail, is that by marking as spam, I am adding my own email address to the spam list. You are saying this is not the case?

I am more concerned that Apple Mail will start seeing my own messages as spam because of the email address, or that I would be adding my Gmail address to some global Gmail spam database. Not so?

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