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Anyone else get ticked when they get a bad haircut?

Asked by King_Pariah (11446points) August 15th, 2011

So yesterday I go in for a trim, my hair was probably long enough to cover most if not all of the back of my neck. I figured that it was getting a bit shaggy and could do with a trim. I tell the barber that I’d like a little trim, just to keep in clean and neat looking… and she cuts it down to where it’s no more than an inch on the sides and two inches on top? I’m pissed both at her and because whenever my hair is in the inch to 2 and a half inch range, it tends to go alfalfa on me… Anyone else deal with something similar to this and how did you vent the frustration? (Okay, so I’m narcissistic, give me a break).

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I think most people get angry about a bad haircut.
Luckily, it grows back.

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Of course. I had a barber put the hairline on the back of my neck way too high once. I felt like I was bald on the back of my head. I didn’t go anywhere for weeks.

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I’m bald. God gave me a bad haircut.

I got over it.

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Note: the lady who cut my hair is my mother… she wanted me to look more conservative because, “that’s what I really am.”

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I get a slight suspicion that barbers, or for that matter, anyone that has scissors in their hands, develop a certain deafness.
My former girlfriend and my present girlfriend both cut off two, three inches when i specifically asked for just the split ends, in any case no more then half an inch

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@King_Pariah Enjoy the fact you can tell the difference. Mine’s headed in the direction of Blondesjon.

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@Adirondackwannabe @Blondesjon well, on the brightside there, you get to be the good luck charm during sports. I’ve been bald before, another bad haircut incident which resulted in my going skinhead… and then my hair didn’t grow back as thick as it used to be so not going bald again.

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Yes, remind me not to have the wife cut it again.

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I don’t get upset any more, because I do my own.

In any case, you do know the difference between a good haircut and a bad one, don’t you?

sʞǝǝʍ oʍʇ

It’s not worth getting excited about.

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Well, I solved the whole haircut problem about 15 years ago by employing a hair tie to keep it out of my face and stuffing the resulting tail down my shirt.

From the front I look reasonably professional and I don’t have to worry about visiting a barber every few weeks.

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I shave my head. It is pretty hard to fuck that up.

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No, I don’t get that upset. I got a new hair stylist my last visit and she practically scalped me. I just haven’t had to get it cut for the past 2 months is all it means to me.

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@CWOTUS with my hair it’s 6 months. grows so slow.

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Well I don’t know because usually it is me who wants a potential bad haircut! I know, I’m crazy about trying new things then I regret and try to live with it.
But… When my aunt was a teenager, she and her best friend got a haircut out of boredom. They had long, beautiful hair and after the salon they had extremely short, manly hair. Yep! Everyone at school made fun and asked “who are the new gentlemen?” I can imagine it being pretty horrible… But I guess bad haircuts, bad hair dyes and maybe bad dress ups can make good memories!

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Conservative, eh? Dye it some crazy color. That’ll teach her ;)

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So badly. I went to the salon asking for a trim and they took off seven inches! I didn’t get over it for years. (I am exaggerating for effect. Mostly.)

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Quit your bitching you lucky bastards, and thank whatever deity blessed you with a head of hair.

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I once got a haircut and looked like Mowgli from the Jungle Book. I went home and cried. Then later worked with the guy who cut my hair. I told him about it and he said, “hey… I remember that. I just kept cutting and thinking ‘oh, shit. I can fix this.’”

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