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What have you lost that you miss?

Asked by gravity (3116points) August 15th, 2011

It can be an object or a person. What do you miss most about it, or them, not being in your life anymore?

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My mom and my mind.

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My keys—house and car. I just got them back after 10 days. (A neighbor took them.)

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Had to have one of my cats put down last week. He used to come out to the curb to meet me when I’d get home from work, then lead me in a slow procession up the path to the back door. I wasn’t allowed to pass him, on pain of having my ankle swatted.

Getting home ain’t what it used to be. I really miss him.

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One of my best friends, who I have also had a sort of on again off again relationship with is moving to Paris tonight for a year. I miss her already… she’s very special to me. :-(

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@thorninmud – Oh yes… I miss my cat Weezbeff, too. That’s her in the avatar.

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My pre-babies body.

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My favorite sunglasses. I lost them again.

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My blond early 1960’s Fender Tremolux amplifier.

Stolen out of the back of my car parked in my girlfriend’s (now wife) driveway during the mid 1980’s.

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my Grandpa. He was my only grandpa I ever knew. He passed away when I was eight. I wish he could be here to see how I turned out. I really, really miss him.

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I miss my friend Garrett. I had the most hilarious and amazing nonsensical conversations with him. He is dearly missed.

@YoBob congrats on the 10k

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My husband. He passed away (graduated) over three years ago and while I have learned to do life fairly well again (lots to keep me occupied), he was as the song says, the wind beneath my wings. Thank you for asking this question.

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My sanity and I want it back now dammit!

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I’m not sure how to describe it. It’s a sense that while the place I’m at makes sense, I should have been somewhere else. It’s confusing because I could be in either place, but there is no way I could say no to either life. So I feel like I’m living two lives at the same time.

I guess you could say I’ve lost that sense of oneness.

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I’d just like to say that I was about to write a flippant joke answer, but with so many touching responses I feel that would be out of place. Guess I haven’t lost my sensitive/caring streak then :¬)

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Time. I can’t find time as easily as I used to. When I was a kid, I used to watch cartoons all day long, sit, wonder, imagine about unrealistic worlds… Never worried about the future. Always lived in the moment without looking at the watch…

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My dog Rico.

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My confident self that I was when I worked, before I had my son… in the words of a very wise person… I have felt ever since that I walk around with my heart outside of my body… and this fill me with fear and anxiety yet admiration and awe….

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My hair, it use to be shoulder length. Now I use Johnson Wax ! L O L

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So many things. I miss a friendship that went away last year. I miss my dog who died last years. I miss the solitude of my evenings before mom-in-law moved in this year. I miss how my leg felt before my leg started hurting. I miss the rain so much (damn this drought). I miss being a miss.

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Being able to run upstairs two at a time. Or run up the stairs at all.

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I lost a lot of things and persons. Things can be replaced. When you loose a person [close or not] you have to go on and not swell in the past. Memories should be enough here.

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My family.
My best friend.
My dog.
My grandmother.

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My Grandfather who was also my best friend, my father figure and my favorite teacher. I would like if he had lived long enough to see me happy and loved well again.

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I miss the person I used to speak to all the time, I could talk to him about anything and everything and our hot hot dirty im’s are especially missed. Now when I say hi to him when I see him online its very formal and low key and I guess he’s moved on and I can understand that. I’m the one who pushed him away because he didn’t seem to want to meet me after many many months of talking, but I still miss him.

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My father made my mother a little heart with an anchor in the centre of it out of perspex (apparently taken from the windscreen of a crashed plane or something) during WW2. When she died he gave it to me (probably should have held onto it and kept it safe until I was older. I think I was about 11/12 when he gave it to me), I lost it. I still regret losing that heart. It was very precious to me and I wish I could have it back. It has such connections to my mum but also my dad, who made it.

It was a bit like this but had an anchor in the centre. My dad was in the RAN. Link

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My grandmother, my grandfather, my father, my best friend from college, about 14 good friends from the Army, most of my high school graduating class, a whole passel of pets ( two of whom I miss to this day ), and a tiny bluebird of happiness my beloved wife gave to me.

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Two milk crates full of PlayStation and Super Nintendo games. When I moved here from Manitoba, I couldn’t take everything. Ass.

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I miss the day-long email conversations; I miss the beautiful words, beautifully written. I miss the way my heart would leap when I saw the name in my inbox; I miss the long phonecalls filled with laughter; I miss the arrivals’ lounge (I don’t miss the departures’ lounge)... I miss the man who turned my world on it’s head, and for whom I did the same. But men and women were not made to live on their heads, and so inevitably we got dizzy and fell. My soul misses it’s mate.

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When I was still in the teenage mindset… I was just wondering what happened to all the things I used to know?
I miss it.

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@harple – I’m really really sorry to read that. Take care of yourself. {{{{hugs}}}}

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Love will find you again, sweet lady. We weren’t meant to live alone. [ HUGGGGS ]

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@harple That was deep. I’m sorry for your loss. Is it bad that affected me more than hearing about a death? Maybe it was the way it was written.

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I lost a good number of friends over the past few years while being so consumed with my life, and think I might have lost another friend recently. I miss them all.

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@CaptainHarley thank you, I have accepted it, and I am opening myself up to the possibility of new love, with his blessing. I hope that he may too. We both deserve it.

@tedibear @Blackberry thank you both.

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@harple – You obviously have a very big heart. Thinking of you!

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Good luck, hon. I’ll be praying for you. [ HUGGGGS ]

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My baby, Chaos. (A cat)
The crazy love of my crazy life. <3

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I miss my long curly hair. I don’t like that my hair is getting thinner as I get older… if my body were the same I might not complain!

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