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Is there a word from when someone uses a noun as a verb?

Asked by sunyata_rakshasa (350points) August 16th, 2011

Just curious if there is a term for this.

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Never heard a word to describe people using it that way, but the action of doing so is called, and I love this, Verbing the Noun.

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What about a term for word that are self-descriptive? In addition to verbing, other examples would be noun, word and multisyllabic.

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I’ll make up a word for that action—gerundizing. A gerund is the noun form of a verb, and it seems to be popular to make gerunds of any damn verb these days. Happy Fluthering!

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Functional shift. In English, it’s also called zero derivation.

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Verbalization, as opposed to Nominalization (turning verbs into nouns, e.g. the [act of] walking)

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@Fyrius I love how the word “verbing” is an example of verbing. That’s awesome.

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