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How does home propane delivery work?

Asked by livingchoice (553points) August 16th, 2011

I just moved to Pennsylvania and need a little help setting up my propane service. How does propane delivery work. Can I buy my own tank? Do I have to rent one? Which tank should I get if I decide to buy one? How much does it cost for propane delivery? etc. I will use the propane for cooking purposes only (stove, double oven) I cook at least once a day and use the oven once in a while.

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If you do not use propane for home heating then a small tank will be fine. Propane is delivered by a propane company’s tank truck and they fill the tank. The delivery frequency will depend on use pattern. There will be a pressure gauge on the tank and that will indicate refill needs. You may need to check it occasionally and call for delivery. The tank is usually provided by the propane company as they need to be tested for pressure containment safety. Delivery is included in the price per cubic foot, though sometimes if you are a distance from the home base of the delivery truck there may be a delivery charge. One other thing, you are prepaying for your fuel that will be used later, sort of like when you buy gasoline for your car. With electric or natural gas you pay after you use it, so with propane be prepared for a bill first.

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If you live far enough from the propane company that they are adding a delivery charge, it may pay to get 100lb tanks that you can take off yourself and take to the propane distributor to refill. If you are just running the stove and a water heater, the 100 lb tank should last you a couple months at least.

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