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Which tankless water heater should I buy?

Asked by livingchoice (553points) August 16th, 2011

My current water tank is busted and I need to get one ASAP. I’m looking into getting a tank less water heater but have no clue on how they work or what my options are. What size/brand should I get? Should I even buy it at all verses a tank water heater?

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Where do you live? I looked into getting one, but the local supplier told me not to bother. Where I live they would not get the water hot enough unless I put at least 3 of them in one after the other.

They will raise the water temp about 20–40 degrees, which would work in the summer, but in the winter when the air temp is -30 to -40F.

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In Wayne County, Pennsylvania

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When we get the chance, we are going for a Bosch. Just make certain that the water heater is the right size for the right place. If it’s for your tub/shower, it should be installed close to the tub area.

If it’s for your entire home, it needs to be a tankless rated for whole house water heating. See this page on Bosch’s site for size/output

Edit: I think actually we’re looking at getting a Rheem

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@WestRiverrat WHAT ! ! You got lied to, big time!

We have Rinnai it will raise the water 100 * or more.
It must have a gas source and natural gas is what we have. We can run the dish washer, washing machine and take shower all at the same time.
$1100 for just the tankless unit installation must be done by a licensed plumber in my state.

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We don’t have gas here, the electric ones are less efficient.

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@WestRiverrat I stand corrected. However my uncle had one 50 years ago (electric tankless to replace coal fired furnace.) Saved tons of money.
But it sounds like @livingchoice is putting in a propane tank from another Q they have. The house does not have gas service.

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@Tropical_Willie My home is currently set up for Oil and Propane.

So it sounds like I should go for the propane over the electric after all. I also wanted the propane in case there are any power outages I will have hot water as I do not yet have a generator.

How can I find out my water temperature. Is that information listed on the web?

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Most new gas systems will also shutdown in a power failure.
They need an ignition system and solenoid that run on 110 AC ( it may have a step-down voltage it actual runs on ).
We have a generator that will cover power required for refrigerator, some lights, and heating system air movement fans. The Rinnai has a electronic control and thermostat.

The recommended temperature for hot water is 120 * F it will display on unit or remote pad.

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