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What makes your toes curl?

Asked by Ayesha (6213points) August 16th, 2011

Be it the taste of your favourite food, the touch of someone you love, the sound of your favourite record when you least expect or anything else. Share your thoughts!

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The first few minutes of Die Hard 1 (fists with your toes) I always copy that part for some reason.

Lazy Sunday mornings stretching in bed does it too, and cramp.

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Well done oral. Really.

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Walking down a really steep grade.

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I’ve only curled my toes when having to deal with something incredibly irritating or painful… like wisdom teeth removal when the local anesthetic doesn’t work/kick in yet.

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Pressing my toes downward.

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Really, really, really good dark chocolate. I almost swoon.

deni's avatar

The phrase “birth canal”.

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There are a few corners and consecutive bends in the (bicycle) roads that I ride each day and they are fabulous!
When I take them I feel one with the bike and the road and my heart jumps a beat.
Here is one of them. it starts on the left of the picture with a left, a write, and a big left again.

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Seeing people not wash their hands in the restroom.

Hearing a baby squawl.

Smelling mayonnaise.

Tasting DEET

Saying the word, smegma.

Touching rough, calloused feet.

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@Blackberry I double over in mental agony when I hear that phrase. Ugh. I just got the shivers thinking about it!!

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@rebbel Beautiful!
@Blackberry and @ woodcutter Clever. But really, tell us!
@poisonedantidote Die Hard rules! Lol.
@Neizvestnaya and @King Pariah I hear ya!
@deni Haha!

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@Ayesha Besides running and hiking…, of course.

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Also, fingernails on chalkboard.

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When my wife wraps her arms around me from behind, gently nuzzles my neck, and whispers, I picked you up some beer on the way home.

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The back of my neck is so sensitive I can’t even take the shower water hitting me there. I get chills whenever it is touched, licked, kissed, or even blowing on me there… just at the nape of my neck.

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Pleasurable things make me weak in the knees, unpleasant foot related things make my toes curl, like stepping on a slimy slug. Yuck.

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Weed, chocolate ice cream and red wine at the end of a long day. It’s the unholy trinity.

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Really deep passionate “Sigourney-Weaver-Mel-Gibson-Year-Of-Living-Dangerously-In-the-Hallway-after-The-Rainstorm” kisses.

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My answer belongs in a NSFW question.

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My rock boots.


The climax of great sex, even when I have on my shiny men’s dress shoes.

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Playing golf in a thunderstorm?

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Sexy time with my man (especially what @Jude mentioned).

There seems to be some confusion as to whether something that makes your toes curl is good or bad. For me it is a reaction to the good!

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What @Jude said…that and nibbles on the neck do it for me!

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The taste of vinegar.

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@MRSHINYSHOES Ha! What are the shoes for? Better traction? And argyle socks?

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Probably the same things that make my asshole pucker.


@woodcutter To keep my toes from curlin’!

Socks? I wear these——(as you can see if you click on avatar)

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