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Whats the one thing that relaxes you the most?

Asked by Unclepepsi (900points) August 16th, 2011

What is the one thing, no matter what kind of mood your in, or stress your under, or anxiety your feeling, is the thing that relaxes you the most. Both specific and light-hearted answer wanted.

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Playing solitaire online or working on a needlework project.

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Ohhh, a good book always!

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A warm bubble bath with quiet music playing.

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Late night walks with my mp3 player blastin’.

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Alone in my quiet room, or alone in a beautiful garden that is filled with fresh air and enlightening sunlight, and listening to classical music at the same time.

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On a warm night, to lay on the grass, looking up at the stars, watching them slowy drifting by.

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My answer is not appropriate. ;)

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Star Trek. I broke up with my boyfriend yesterday so I went to my momma’s house and we watched my absolute favorite episodes of Star Trek: Voyager today. I felt so much better.

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Pacing from room to room while playing music loudly so that I can’t hear myself singing off-pitch.

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Playing guitar and target shooting are my biggest relaxers. Both actions require a lot of discipline, and both put me in a zen-like state of mind where I am both hyperfocused, and relaxed.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard: But only one helps you kill zombies.

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@KatawaGrey, You are so much better off without Him. If he can’t see how awesome you are, he’s the loser! Remember how much we love you on Fluther, and Star Trek:Voyager was one of my favorite shows. I still love to catch it in reruns!

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Chai tea, playing cello, drinking, shooting, and the Storm sounds app on my iPod.

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Listening to old songs

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Crap. I just realized that this question only asked for one particular thing. Oh well.

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There’s no one thing for me :-/ ... Nature (fireflies, mountains, rivers), books, reading my lyrics book, writing and talking with closest friends.

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A warm bath and some sleep after.

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Good company & inner calm.

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My husband.

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Walking my dogs at a leisurely pace will do it every time. Particularly walks in the woods—they are happy and I am happy and calm . . .

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A nice strong cup of coffee :-/
Failing that, if I’m on my own I might knock one off…. Works every time….. ;-)

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Champagne ;-)

Also, star-gazing and noodling over very difficult word puzzles (like cryptic crosswords).

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A glass of wine and a good book.

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Back massage.

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I always get a much better nights sleep when I am with my man so I guess he relaxes me the most.

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Some deep breaths, a brisk race around the field with Milo, 45 minutes on the tread mill, and sitting on my deck with a mug of tea watching the tomatoes ripen and the red-tailed hawks ride the thermals.

I find that getting up in the morning is very relaxing, given the alternative.

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I was going to say, masturbate.

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Full body massage at a spa.

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Many things will do it, jacuzzi, swimming, hike in the woods but nothing does it better than a good romp in the hay.

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Looking at night sky.

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Roman-Greco wrestling.

Jude's avatar

with greasy firemen, right, Lucy?

Bellatrix's avatar

Snuggling with my husband and watching a good movie.

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Orgasms and then a nice shower/bath and nap. I’m trying to recall but I don’t think there’s a time it hasn’t worked like magick.

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A mud bath, followed by a massage.

When I am home: a peanut butter sandwich, a glass of chocolate milk, and a slice of watermelon.

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Working Out.

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Being alone in the woods where there are no sounds of civilization or cell towers or artillery bombardments. Ok, I do love that sound…of tube artillery.

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A glass/bottle of wine and a crossword puzzle.

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Firing up the grill, icing down the beer and enjoying a warm summer night with good friends.

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Give me a raft and a swimming pool.

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Nothing is more relaxing to me than a day soaking up the sun on the beach, listening to the waves crash and the sounds of children playing in the sand….
and once in this uber-relaxed state, coming home and making mad passionate love.

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I went to Hot Springs, Arkansas this past weekend, and we went to the baths at the Quapaw Bathhouse. It was great. Incredibly relaxing. We went to the open baths where there are four pools, four different temperatures to choose from. No chlorine, just pure water from the earth. It comes out at 140 degrees F, and they cool it between 91–104 for the pools, and they serve you chilled water to drink. Afterwards your skin is soft.

Very interesting little bit of history there. The water still comes up from the earth. In the middle of downtown you can walk up to the multiple spickets in the center of town and get pure mineral spring drining water and fill your containers.

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@JLeslie I walked that same path and just love that city!

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@Cruiser At first I didn’t know what to make of it. Now, I would be happy to visit again.

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@JLeslie I was there 20 years ago and it was fairly hustle and bustle teeming with tourists and can only imagine what toll the economy has taken on that city. I loved cruising up into the surrounding mountain towns and visiting the local art communities especially the luthier’s that were seemingly everywhere!

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@Cruiser I was not aware of any luthiers.

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@JLeslie then you missed out as out in the hills were Dulcimer craftsmen that made all kinds of amazing instruments. My favorite part of the trip

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Interesting. I wonder if they are stil there.

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(My daughter wanted to reply)
BabyLingua says: me really just hanging with my family and the soft sound of rain oh that, my friends, is relaxation. And fireflies

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@linguaphile that was lovely.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard I’ll tell her for ya. She wants a Fluther account SO bad, but has to wait 4 more years. We gotta keep Fluther at high quality cuz future Flutherites are on the way :D :D

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cruiser Luthier? I didn’t know what that was so I looked it up on Wikipedia. I think I would have really enjoyed seeing that. Sometimes you can see Dulcimer players at the New York State Fair. Do you like folk music? (will you admit to it??ha ha) I do. Have you ever seen the movie Songcatcher? with Emmy Rossum? She was the actress that played the lead in Phantom of the Opera. Here’s the trailer

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