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Migrations from which former colony created a large muslim minority in france during the late 20th century?

Asked by GotJinks (29points) May 4th, 2008

Egypt, Syria, Pakistan, Indonesia, Algeria

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I am going to assume that this is a multiple choice question on your homework. The most likely answer is Egypt. I can’t give you a definitive answer without reading your notes/textbook. Maybe you could try doing that.

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so what class is this a homework question for?

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Darn, i actually know this one, but i’m not keen on doing your homework for you. Google works though.

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Think The Stranger [Camus].

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Here Is your answer.

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Find the former colonies of France on an old map and figure out where the Muslim communities might have come from.


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The answer is definately Algeria, which is a former french colony.

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My money’s on Algeria for the win.

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Between Egypt, Syria, Pakistan, Indonesia and Algeria, most of muslim minority came from Algeria, Maroco or Tunisia. Syrian, Pakistan and Indonesian people are not really numerous in France.

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Algeria followed by Maroc and Tunisia

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