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Why is there a light in the refrigerator but not the freezer?

Asked by xxporkxsodaxx (1391points) May 4th, 2008

I’ve always wonder this

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My freezer has lights…

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with mine, theres a hole in between the fridge and freezer so some of the light from the fridge comes into the freezer. the light only goes on in the fridge when the fridge door is open or the freezer door is open.

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I’m guessing your freezer light bulb needs to be replaced.

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No in all of my refrigerators that I have had, there has been no light mounted in the freezer.

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My freezer has a light. Maybe you are purchasing rejects?

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My answer is total bullshit. I don’t really know the answer.

But.. Maybe if you are grabbing a snack in the dark you won’t be going for something frozen. It will most likely be in the middle of the night and that is the last time you would want to cook something.

My current freezer has a light. But I have had ones without.

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No I go buy stuff at Sears and Best Buy, I hope they’re not rejects.

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Is the freezer on top of the frig?

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Well I have had a combination of both, right now its on top but if the past its been side by side.

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My freezer in my kitchen has a lightbulb, but my 2 freezers in my garage do not..I guess it just depends..

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I think johnpowell may be on to someething. People don’t typically look for a “light” sanck from the freezer. Ok, excuse the pun. My freezer is on top, and it has no light either, but my side to side refridgerator in Florida has a light in it’s freezer. It’s one of those things that make us say hmmm I guess.

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Well if I haven’t seen/read it then its new to me.

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Popsicle porn?

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Thats definitely new to me.

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ALOT of midnight visits here for ice cream.
My guess as to why none of my freezers have had light fixtures is that as a renter the appliances provided are usually not as upscale/modern as those available out there. I think it’s a convenience in the higher priced models.

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I’ve been doing some research, and there are three main reasons:

1. Because the temperature in a freezer is much lower than of a refrigerator, a much more expensive shatterproof bulb would have to be used. In fact, if you put a common household bulb in the fridge, it will be fine. But put it in the freezer, and it should crack after a few hours (or days, depending on the temperature you freezer operates at).

2. Because there is less demand for illuminated freezers and yet midnight snacking almost exclusively demands a refrigerator lamp, lamps are often only fitted on the higher end models.

3. Standing freezers often use closed-off pull out drawers. In order to effectively illuminate the entire fridge, a lamp would be required behind each shelf. Each of these would need to be shatterproof… you get the idea.

Hope this helps.

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To give you an idea, fitting shatterproof bulbs could potentially increase the overall price of a fridge/freezer by £30/£40 (around $70). When trying to competitively price a product, it doesn’t make sense if it’s not particularly necessary.

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a bulb in a freezer esily gets a frozen like glance and therefore loses its functionality

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Well, the light in my freezer is working just fine.

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when the freezer is on top, there is usually no light. when they are side by side there is usually a light in both. why? Like Jeff Spicoli, I DON’T KNOW…but that thing about the freezer proof light bulb costing too much sounds good to me…

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My fridge (circa 2006) has the freezer on top and has a light. My dad’s fridge (circa 1977) has the freezer on the bottom and has a light.

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Yeah, mine doesn’t have one there either.

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My freezer has a light, but my freezer is a new model.

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