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Is there something you have always fancied buying but just couldn't justify spending the money?

Asked by Bellatrix (21228points) August 18th, 2011

I have always fancied buying a pair of bright red stiletto heels. I just can’t justify spending the money though. I would probably wear them very rarely. I have just always wanted a pair.

Is there something you would like to buy, but it is a pure indulgence you just can’t justify?

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1968 Yellow Camaro RS/SS Convertible in mint condition.

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A helicopter! I mean, i’m a wuss when it comes to flying, but a helicopter at least takes you up in a gentle fair ride sort of way. I could handle that pretty well, especially if I was “driving” the bloody thing. Alas, that shall remain a pipe dream…......for now.

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One of these would be lovely.
I really don’t need one though.

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A clothes dryer for the SO’s house in England.

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I’ve got curly hair and I“ve always wanted to get that Japanese Hair Straigtening done, but it’s a small fortune and you have to get it re-straightened every so often and that’s really expensive too.. as much as I’d love to have permanently straight hair… I can’t justify spending the money for it.

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Plastic surgery.

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An aga. Can’t really justify it on the basis it’d probably be bigger than my current flat.

@ANef_is_Enuf. To what? The bit in the photo looks fine as it is! ;)

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@Lightlyseared you don’t want to know what I’ve contemplated. Thanks. :)

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A Coach bag.

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Loads of things. I wish I could afford to buy more clothes as many of mine are old and tired but I can’t justify going on a decent clothes shop.

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A siding brake. If you like to fold metal into perfectly straight shapes these are the cats ass. But it would never, ever, pay for itself….ever.

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I’m playing around with the idea of buying a Rolex, more precisely the Cosmograph Daytona model. The only thing stopping me is a box of candy at work that was given to us by a charity, the side of the box reads “adopt a starving child for just 60 cents a day”.

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@mazingerz88 I’d make that a priority
An iPhone. By the time I have enough for one a new one is always “about to come out” so I end up getting an android.

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A real basement rec room including, vintage pinball machine, jukebox that plays 45’s, pool table, dartboard and bar.

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Right now I’d like to buy a big flat screen TV, but the TV I have now, which is almost 9 years old, still works perfectly fine. I can’t really justify buying new TV.

Oh, and a Bose Stereo. Someday.

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I want a fancy massage chair. It’s like 4K, I’ll never afford it.

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New face (yes, a complete do-over), liposuction and a lifting of everything from my boobs down to and including my stomach.

And an iPhone. I’m just to cheap to pay for a data plan.

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I also want a more recent TV. Especially now that I have a PS3. But it’s too damn expensive. I thought of getting one this Summer, but I found myself too short on cash. Some day though.

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Some plastic surgery and movie making equipment. The movie making equipment is to video others not myself!!

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Nods at @linguaphile .. of course… (home movies ahem).

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I knew I was doomed the minute I hit “answer.” There’s just something not right about that combination! Haha!

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Seems like a reasonable way to pay for the plastic surgery… ooh, now I’m inspired.

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Myself? I would just L♥O♥R♥V♥E to buy a couple of politicians, but DAMN those things are expensive!! (anyway, it’d probably be like buying an over-inflated condom of hot air).

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So many shoes that I know I won’t ever wear.
And an iphone. I’ve never really been sucked in by the smartphone craze – I have an incredibly basic samsung flip phone that I can text and call on, but nothing else – but I’ve been fiddling around with a friend’s iphone and some of the apps are so cute…I mean there’s a sonic screwdriver app…

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@Lightlyseared @ANef_is_Enuf Facebook album is not hard on the eyes, might even make my fiance jealous if she wasn’t attached already. Don’t buy into the cosmetic surgery BS :-)

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Thank you everyone for your funny, creative and interesting answers. Loved reading your comments.

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@Hypocrisy_Central I figured as much and all I have to go an is a dinky avatar

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It’s weird to be talked about like I’m not here. :P

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