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Care to count the ways Fluther enriches your life?

Asked by smilingheart1 (6408points) August 18th, 2011

I find that Fluther is a great cross section, a microcosim of thought and experience (with insight from both genders) and a great social network. Hopefully the ideal would be to receive input from those who really don’t look out at the world from the same view as you do all the time. Many of you have been around a long time. Truth now, what do you value most – the social side of things or this preoccupation with the game side of things?

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No. 1 – Laughter

—also Happy Drunkeness ( everytime I laugh at a post I take a shot of Tequila! Lol. )—

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No. 2 – Community Collaboration

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I wouldn’t go so far as to say it enriches my life, but I do enjoy having a giggle with some mad yankee bandido types. Best thing is, they’re not just “off the telly” who knew eh? ;¬}

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No. 3 – @ucme recking our great numbered system :P

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Now nobody said any jumped up little number system had to be in place…...tsk, you City fans :¬P

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@ucme, enrich is a quiet little critter. Sometimes you don’t know it has been there for you until you discover it is missing. :( So if you log in with any frequency, it’s spooning you some nutritients for your soul.

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It’s been de-enriching my life for all I know @smilingheart1
Been logging in every hour or so :(

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@ucme wait, how did you know I’m a City fan?

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@smilingheart1 Err, no…’ve completely lost me there XD
@Paul Coz i’m a clever fucker!! Oh & because you mentioned it somewhere on here recently.

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There are good people here that know how to make me smile. ;)

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I love the friends I have made on Fluther, and I love the sense of community.

I treasure all of the new things that I learn.

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There’s too many to count on my fingers.

So, let’s add the toes.

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Comraderie, fun, learning, alzheimer antidote!

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Social things and there are WAY too many to count.
However, the top three are

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The different point of views you come across on a question is quite enriching.

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It enriches me in the way that I learn to write better English (even speak better English, I found out) and my vocabulary gets much bigger too.
And the social factor is pretty nice too.

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Admit it, @ucme, you just can’t count higher than 2 ;)

I like that the people are generally well-intentioned.

I love that txt spk is virtually non-existent.

It’s a breath of fresh air, really.

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@FutureMemory I dnt knw wat u r tlkin abut!

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@erichw1504 spoiled sport!

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I love the friends I’ve made here, and the stimulation! I get mentally bored really easy and become lethargic/depressed/anxious when I don’t feed the very-hungry-information-monster in my brain. After 5 months, I’m still intrigued!

(One jelly-friend explained to me exactly why I have that very-hungry-information-monster. Instead of begrudging the monster, I’ve learned to embrace it!)

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I like the people, the new opinions and ideas, and the hilarity of some things. If I need help with something I know I can always ask my jelly-friends!

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It doesn’t really enrich my life as such…but it certainly enriches my vocabulary.

I value that:
1. It is very entertaining and I get to see other people’s points of view. It makes me reevaluate mine.
2. I get so see some ideas and views I never thought of.
3. Some people are really funny and creative.
4. If you really have a problem, you will for sure find some great advice here. This is the place to come for quick and on point advice.

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It’s got insight from more than two genders.

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I just like messing around and talking with friends. Cool relaxing thing to do after my day, especially after dealing with my real life friends. XD
But I get to learn a whole lot here, that’s always good. Plus, the more people to talk to, the more movie suggestions I get, which I always need.

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Dealing with panic disorder, Fluther has been very therapeutic for me both by having people answer my questions, and feeling like I am helping other people when I answer their questions.

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There are some quality people on Fluther, who have awesome tastes in awesome.

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“How do I love thee Fluther? Let me count the ways.
I love thee to the depth and breadth and height…..”

Wonderful, experienced people who are always willing to lend a helping hand in any way they can.

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