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Is there a doctor in the mansion? No, there isn't! But there is a wonderful jelly named @RareDenver!

Asked by janbb (54784points) August 18th, 2011

Please join me in wishing him a hearty Mazel Tov!

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Well, Mazel Tov indeedy, @RareDenver!

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Yay, RareDenver!!

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—Dang you, @janbb! Just a second faster than I :)—

Congratulations, RareDenver! It’s always good to have another handsome face in the Mansion!

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Congratulations! I don’t see you here often enough. Or we’re hanging out on different questions. In any case, now that you’re in the mansion you can’t hide any more! Muahahahahahahaha!

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Congratulations! :))

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Blimey, you’re alright. :)


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Far out! This is great news!

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WOW another RARE addition to the MANSION filled with AWESOME jellies! CONGRATS!!

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Congratulations @RareDenver from a doctor in the Mansion!
Mazel Tov chaver (friend)

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Cheerio, @RareDenver, great feat!

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Nice work my skouser friend. You’ll be pleased to know I’ve swept the grounds for gypsies and found none present. Your lawnmower should be safe.

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Félicitations mon frere!

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Congrats @raredenver! You are a rare jelly indeed. The party is already in full swing, so make yourself at home and find the pool, the bar and the band and join in!

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Congrats to a great guy! You are going to bring some of your own music to this party, right Denver? :D

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Congrats, now you’re a common Denver.

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Félicitations, @RareDenver! Welcome to the mansion!

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Congo Rats! WTG and Great Googlie Wooglie!! You rock!!!

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Congrats, RD! I always enjoy your input. :)

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@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~W00T!!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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Congratulations RareDenver!

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Congratulations, @RareDenver! You are an asset indeed to the Mansion.

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Congratulations @RareDenver.

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I’ll take mine rare, please! In Denver. Congratulations, RareDenver—I enjoy your posts!

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It’s the man from Denver… oops no it isn’t… he isn’t in Denver! He is in the mansion though. Congratulations @RareDenver. You are a rare treat indeed.

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Very good. Always enjoy your input. Congratulations.

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ConGoRats @RareDenver!

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Congrats on the 10 Grand @RareDenver!

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Everyone took the “rare” jokes! And I’m not about to make omelet jokes! ::shakes fist!::

Congrats to you, on this, your 10K Day, @RareDenver! Long may you Fluther!

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Happy 10k!

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Congrats to you, Raredenver!

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* * * Y * A * Y * * * CONGRATULATIONS ! ! ! GOOD WORK ! ! ! * * * Y * A * Y * * *

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Congratulations! Enjoy your party!

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Congratulations!!!!! Yay!!!!

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Way to go! Keep up the good work!

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Happy 10K!!!

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Mazel Tov!

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Well done, @RareDenver.

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Congrats! long time coming!

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Woo hoo! Muy congrats to an awesome and musical jelly. :)

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Congrats!!! Enjoy the comforts in the mansion!

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Congratulationitory @RareDenver !!

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Well done!!!!!!!

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@gailcalled LOL, I see what you did there…

Congratulations and welcome to the mansion, sir! You may visit my lurveshack at any time and help yourself to pancakes and chocolate.

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What a beautiful performance! I can’t believe I was so inspired by your beauty.

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Congratulations, keep up the good work! :-)

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It’s a day to celebrate! Congrats to you, RareDenver.

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AiROW represent! Nice job, man!

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Congratulations!! :D

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Guys thank you so much for my party I really don’t know what to say so I’ll just say this

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@RareDenver – Jelly shirt and mixtape iPhone case? I’m totally in love.

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That was fantastic @RareDenver!

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WAIT!!! There is too a Dr. in the Mansion! It’s nothing more coincidental than…RareBear! :)

@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Congrats to the *RARIFIED AMONGUST !!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ (WTH just happened??~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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Awesome!!!! I’m gonna blast your CD in celebration!

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