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Why does my dog get so nervous everytime I cook?

Asked by desiree333 (3206points) August 18th, 2011

My dog Lily gets very nervous and anxious every time I cook. She stands at the entrance of the kitchen (but won’t come in) and watches me nervously. If I acknowledge her behavior by saying “relax Lily, I’m just making food” for example she will usually back out of the door and go upstairs to hide. At first I thought it was because she could smell smoke and thought there was a fire. Then I realized she does it even when there is no smoke at all, like when I use the microwave. She is scared of the smoke alarm. Do you think she is just nervous that it will go off from cooking?

Also, Lily is a very sensitive and gentle dog. I’m not sure why but she responds to subtle things, like when someone is feeling sad. Maybe her sensitivity to things makes her nervous from cooking even if there is no reason to be?

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You are a very bad cook and she can sense this? Perhaps it is the noises, pots banging, sizzling, lots of smells (although food smells usually have my dog running FOR the kitchen). Are there any noises in there that might disturb her? The fridge buzzing for instance?

Other than that, I have to go back to .. you are a very scary cook :D

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Maybe your kitchen is haunted.

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Was she previously abused or neglected, and this is some kind of Pavlovian response to being beaten with a spatula or something?

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I dunno, but I can sure empathise with her. The wife is to cooking what Ghengis Khan was to friendly neighbours….......not the best :¬(

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She connects things you do in the kitchen with the smoke alarm going off and the smoke alarm hurts her ears. She doesn’t understand there is a difference in the stove and the microwave.

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I agree with @chyna. She knows that the smoke alarm only goes off when you’re cooking (even if it goes off rarely), so anytime you cook, she gets leery that it might happen.

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Maybe someone beat her in a kitchen.

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You’re not Korean are you? Lol. Sorry just could not resist!

Could be the smell of the gas too.

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Could it be with you handling (bossing) the food that she is loathe to seem like a challenger or pest to the household hierarchy, running the chance you will scold her if she gets excited and comfortable in there?
I wish our dogs didn’t like the kitchen.

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Perhaps, as a sensitive dog, she has been scolded for begging for “people food” and the smell of food brings on a worried state of conflicting desire for the food and fear of punishment?

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My dog is scared of the spattering noises the oil makes and when you put something on the frying pan to fry, the sizzling noise it makes the first few seconds gets him wining !

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@Bellatrix No, other than the extra sounds that are made from the pots banging etc, she doesn’t mind the normal sounds like the fridge buzzing. Hahaha I like to think that I am a good cook, maybe Lily thinks otherwise.

@Aethelflaed No, she has never been abused at all. We got her as a puppy from Ottawa when she was nine weeks old. However, she had to take a plane to get to us and when we picked her up she was very scared. She has always been quite sensitive. We did rescue another dog that was abused by his owners, if you can even call them that.

@chyna That’s what I was thinking but I thought it was from smoke. Guess it is probably just cooking in general.

@mrrich724 No, she has never been abused.

@mazingerz88 No, I’m not. Why? We don’t have a gas stove.

@Neizestanya No, I don’t think so. We let all 3 of our dogs come and go anywhere in the house and the kitchen is no exception. She normally loves the kitchen and they all bum food while we are eating. She actually has regular naps in the kitchen because the floor is nice and cold for her.

@Blueroses. I’m not sure about that. She has no problem begging for food, she jumps up on me and tries to steal it. I don’t really have the heart to scold her because she is so sensitive. She gets away with everything lol. I don’t usually give her my food because it encourages her begging. I wil usually just save her some and put it in her bowl so she knows she can’t get any from jumping on me.

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