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Rush and seize the day, get it done, or be patient and get it done right?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26783points) August 19th, 2011

Which side of the fence are you on, if you believe one should do whatever right off the bad, taking little time to plan, seizing the moment, or should one wait, be patient, plan it out so that it is done right, in spite of wanting to have it now?

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Oh I make sooo much money off of people who jump into things feet first before they really know what they are doing. And from so called contractors who get in a hurry and blast right through a job because they think if they finish early they are somehow better? It’s a love- hate relationship with these folks, mostly love though. It is just as easy to do it right the first time than half-fasting it and having to do it twice. These people get no mercy from me.

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Really all of the above. The true master of the task at hand will know when it is time to strike while the iron is hot, and when it is time to get ‘r done and when it is time to take more time to really do what is needed to do the job correctly.

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If you can’t find time to do it right the first time, how will you find time to do it over again?

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I do whatever the time allotted allows me to do. I make the job fit the time, and that determines whether I do an expedient job or a perfect job.


I have two sides to me——sometimes I will rush in and do things as quickly as possible, try to squeeze in as much as I can in as little time possible. But then sometimes I will take my time and do things very methodically, not being worried about the time. “Hurried work is worried work”, I sometimes say.

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I mostly take it slow but when I need i push it real good.

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It depends on my interest and my mood. I sometimes do things in a hurry and do a poor job but other times I can be very patient and methodical.

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A lot depends on what the “deadline” is.
There’s an art to determining whether the deadline someone is giving you is for real, wishful thinking that can be flexible, BS made up so that you will work faster (but not necessarily better) or just plain fantasy.
If it’s for real and it’s important I will do what I can do to make the deadline. As long as dire circumstances will not ensue by missing the deadline I take into account how much I care about the requester’s needs and demands. Does my bosses last minute request/demand that I get it done today rank higher than making it to my niece’s birthday party?
Like most of life getting it done right or getting it done on time requires balancing conflicting needs and desires. How well you get in done in the time alotted depends on how efficient you are and focused. Can you cut out steps without sacrificing quality? I am always looking for opportunities to “kill two birds with one stone” especially if it involves doing things I don’t enjoy. That gives me more time to enjoy the things that I do.
I am really big on having the right tools to do the job right and to speed things along.
Sometimes I am forced in a work situation to rush something. I am kind of a perfectionist but I know that sometimes I just have to let go of that and do my best in the time given to me.
My job has always required that I do things quicker than I am comfortable with and that puts a lot of pressure on me sometimes.Sometimes I have to compromise my standards but since no one’s life depends on how I do my work I accept that as one of the realities of life, Still, the best feeling is when you are in a flow, getting things done quickly and efficiently, enjoying your work, and happy with the results. Nothing could be better than that, except kicking back afterwards and rewarding yourself for a job well done.

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GA @Earthgirl So very true!

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@Earthgirl There’s an art to determining whether the deadline someone is giving you is for real, wishful thinking that can be flexible, BS made up so that you will work faster (but not necessarily better) or just plain fantasy. What in cases where there is really no deadline less one you arbitrary make in your head for yourself? For instance, say you had property large enough to build a tree fort for your niece to play in when she visited. The idea popped into your head Fri. morning over coffee. Would you go rush out to the home improvement store buy a lot of lumber and supplies then dive into it with the idea you could be finished by lunch on Sat, or would you get the idea over coffee, but take the time to do a little ground work. See which is the best lumber that resist weather. Do some calculations so you don’t end up with too little wood and way to many nails. Make sure you are not erroneously cutting so much wood incorrect that you increasing waste way more than need be? If its a personal project and no one will suffer if you took your time would you take the time to do it as correct as possible or be impatient and just want to be doing it, tackling any problems if they show up?

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Usually I make vague plans to do something and then try to do it as soon as possible, because if not I’ll probably never get around to it.
For example, my mother has been wanting some stuff done around the house to make it look nicer, but she never wants to actually do anything about it. A week ago or so, I was like “I’m going to paint the kitchen tomorrow. Let’s go to Home Depot and get paint.” We went to get paint, and the next day I painted the entire thing.

The downside is that in my efforts to actually get things done instead of putting them off, I sometimes rush into it a bit too much and don’t have everything I need and end up getting frustrated later. Meh.

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Hypocrisy Central DId you talk to my husband by any chance, lol?? In your hypothetical scenario I am definitely the latter type! I would first start to think of how I could make the treehouse be the best treehouse that anyone has ever seen! I would look for ideas and try to figure out what would work for my budget and time constraints. Then I would start to do some rough sketches to play around with ideas. I would figure out what tools I needed for the job. I would be all excited and passionate about it. I would almost get obsessed with it for a while. But if I lingered too long over the details I would start to lose steam and procrastinate. I would have to force myself to stop planning and start doing! I tend to do this with anything creative, especially if I have no deadline.

Sometimes to me the best part is the inspirational moment and the idea stage. It’s the stage when I feel the sense of limitless possibilities. Sometimes I get carried away with that and then I am afraid I can’t execute the project according to my big dreams. Because of this I admire people who can just plunge into a project and correct course along the way. It can cause mistakes but there is glory in not being afraid to fuck up.

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I go day by day, and I smash shit up as I see it coming, or I get smashed up if I don’t see it coming. Then I rise gain, cursing the impact for not killing me and relieving me of this mortal coil.

I denno which one is right or which is wrong, if any o dem fence sides are actually better than another ain’t. Rush and do it wrong, wait and do it right, life’s too complicated to amount any of it to choices like this. Might depend on the situation and what you yourself can do, or not do. I may be taking courses, but I rush or do nothing. Either way, what will be will be, nay? How can I know? Who the fuck can lol. Maybe some can, but not me.

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