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Stinging Jellies: Is there a practical way to abbreviate metric cartridge names in spoken language?

Asked by Nullo (21916points) August 19th, 2011

Because saying “seven-point-six-two-by-fifty-one-NATO” is a mouthful compared to “three-oh-eight,” and AFAIK they refer to pretty much the same round. I can say “three-oh-eight” and avoid the trouble, but what if I’m talking about the “seven-point-six-two-by-fifty-four-R,” for which there is no Imperial analogue?

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Seven, six, two

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@Ltryptophan Ah, but there are some six or seven different cartridge lengths that are 7.62mm across at the bullet.

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My Glock is a nine mil.

I have a Beretta seven point six five.

The AK47 takes a Seven Sixty two.

Does that help?

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