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Would you like to support your fellow jellies with a group hug?

Asked by harple (10441points) August 20th, 2011

In this lovely online community there never seems to be a shortage of support given in times of need, and for everyone here that is able to share their tough times there are probably others who are also in need of a hug but not able to put it into words…

So I’d like to invite everyone to a group hug – c’mon, we can never have enough love and support in our lives.

Feel free to share your support/love for your fellow jellies below, or to share your own worries….

((Big Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze!)))

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((( nice !! )))

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(((Knuckles))) for the guys who don’t want to be seen hugging a bro.

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Big hugs for Auggie and all the other Jellies who need ‘em!

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((((((♥ ♥ ♥))))))
And what @Seelix said.

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<3 Sending hugs!

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Hugs and cuddles to you all! You guys are awesome. ♥♥♥

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YAY! Hugs.

err, whoops, sorry if you felt that :3

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((( HUGS ))) to all of you. You are awesome.

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I shall embrace all of you with love and beauty!! (((Hugs))) (((Kisses))) (((Licks)))

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<<<hugs>>> (and xxxx – kisses for the ladies).

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hippie crap… APPROVED! :D


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Aw, what a nice thread. Yes, {{{hugs}}} all around. I’ve certainly gotten more than my share of support around here and I very much appreciate that.

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Hugs to all my fellow jellies, and I’ll take ‘em in return! I could use them!

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I’m hugging! I’m hugging! Oh, shoot I squashed the cake I brought! Darn.

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You are right. We’re all in this together and we’ll never get out alive.
((Big Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze!)))

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{{{{Augustlan}}}} and {{{laineybug}}} August has not been your month. {{{{harple}}}} for your sadness, too. {{{{{{{THE WHOLE COLLECTIVE}}}}}} for being such a rockin’ group.

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Uh Oh, someone just pinched me bum!

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{{{Hugs}}} all around.
@Kardamom It wasn’t me!

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I’m a little germophobic, but I’ll spread the ♥lurve♥. GAs for all!

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You will all feel better because of my hug, just ask @augustlan! (((Hugs))) for all!

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{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{jellies galore}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

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Haha. I love this. :)
Group Hugs are my favorite!

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(((((((((((( All you Flutherites that need it, and all you Flutherites that don’t. )))))))))))))))))))))))))))
@XOIIO And yeah, I did feel that…

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( ((BEAR HUG)) )
to all my fellow jellies.

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Um, Chuck, that’s my boob!


((((((((((((To All))))))))))))) May you all have a bright and shiny day as bright and shiny as my shoes!

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<Pinches @AstroChuck‘s ass. Just for fun.>

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Um, Chuck, that’s my left…

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What? All you people will get from me is famine, pestilence and death!

And that’s my special way to hug everyone, spread an outbreak and say how much I appreciate the people here. :)

’‘bites everyone in sight’’ :D

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Ouch @Symb… that hurt .. far out teeth marks :-o

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—Do I feel a tentacle?-

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Is that a tentacle in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?

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I feel…

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You feel…. squishy!

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(((more groping)))

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Woah… not that hard!

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((((tearing flesh))))

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Yesterday, I was opening up some boxes with an exacto knife, but I had an accident and badly cut myself on my wrist. It was pissing blood, and after it looked like a vagina was growing on my wrist. It’s gonna leave a scar, and people are gonna think I tried to off myself. That was in the evening, I cleaned it and put a big sized band aid over it, and that was that.
But it looked really horrible in the morning so I went to the clinic, and they put in stitches. And I got bitched at for not coming earlier.
Now I have this big white wrap around my wrist that I can’t take off or get wet for about a week. It’s really sensitive and hurts a lot when I type or play video games…ecxept I drank a whole bunch of beer so I’m not really feeling it as of now. Hope it won’t hurt too much at work tomorrow, although it’s not a really physical job.

Still, this accident sucks, does someone wanna hug me lol? XD

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{{{hugs}}} times 500 @Symbeline

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@chyna Thank you. :)

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@Symbeline Oh shit! Glad you’re okay, but that still sucks majorly. (hugs)

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{hugs} @Symbeline! That’s got to be painful. :(

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{{{{ @Symbeline }}}}} That hurts! And sucks. Take care of yourself, you hear?

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Thanks guys. :) It’s way better today, I’m not feeling anything at all. Just gotta be careful not to snap or twist my wrist too fast. Cuz then it hurts lol.

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