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What's something bad you did (or said) that you didn't regret, or even enjoyed?

Asked by disenchanted_poisongirl (1443points) August 20th, 2011

I can’t choose only one, I guess….

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If I don’t regret it, do I really think it was bad?

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I told a bunch of stuff to my dad a few years ago. He deserved them but he should not have to hear them from me. I don’t regret saying them but I did not enjoy saying them.

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Hahaha. So many things…
Last night I was talking to some friends on Facebook, in like a group chat thingy. One of them said “Ash-Leigh, you look Emotastic in your profile picture.” Then they all went into this big conversation about what an “Emo” I am, which made me mad. There were several “Go cut yourself, Emo.” jokes, which was completely uncalled for.
It wouldn’t have been a big deal if they hadn’t known that it bothers me to be called that… If they didn’t know that I really have done that. That I struggled with it for years.
So after a while, they still wouldn’t stop. Then I said “I’m going to hurt someone…” and they said “It’s probably gonna be yourself, Emo!” So I, being the strange insult-er that I am, said “Listen here, Peewee Herman. I might be a previous ‘Emo’, as you would say, but it’s better than being a bloody cum bubble, like you f***ing rubes.”
Their silence pleases me.

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I used to work for a company making illuminated signs for bars and restaurants, the boss used to work me 16 hours a day, and paid me as if I worked 4, on top of this he used to tell me “shut up” whenever I used to ask a question, one day he told me to shut up once to many, so I shouted at him telling him to shut up, he then fired me and refused to drive me home (20 miles away), so I beat him up and set fire to his house and workshop.

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Laughed when my girlfriend’s little brother broke her ex-boyfriend’s nose in a basketball game. I shouldn’t have laughed, but the rest of the crowd that saw it happen was. Also, when he was sitting there in pain and holding his own blood in his hand, he said to someone, “I bet Stephen is happy.” Out of everything he needs to be thinking of, it’s me. That is funny.

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I spit in someone’s face before. I know that’s horrible, but they really had it coming, so I never regretted it, and felt proud. I still do lol.

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