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Has anyone ever Skyped their way into your heart?

Asked by _zen_ (7854points) August 20th, 2011

I mean, it’s so beyond chatting – they are right there in your home with you. I have been enjoying it, lately.

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MSN not Skype, but yes.

I’ll be booking the flight in 2 months 11 days and counting. Sadly, 75% of the time we just text chat as the intense heat combined with poorly cooled computers causes the cam and mic to lag very badly after a few minutes.

Things are extremely complicated at the moment, but it’s obvious it will all be much simpler in a couple of months.


I was actually in a terrible mood today until I spoke to her, and now I’m actually in a very good mood.

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My ex wife webcammed with me when we couldn’t see each other. It was good support.

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@Blackberry ex wife? Take it as a compliment, but I did not think you looked old enough to have been married and divorced.

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Are you guys chatting with other jellies? Is there romance in the air?

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I enjoyed skype from the first time I used it. If people were not into my heart I would not use skype with them.

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It was fantastic for communicating with family when I lived abroad. I showed them round the house and garden and they met the neighbours through Skype.

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Yes, although we use Windows Messenger Live. We spent anywhere from one to eight hours a day talking to each other. That probably equates to more time talking than many married couples. When we finally met in person, there were very few surprises. Sure, it’s no substitute for personal interaction, and there is no guarantee that any online relationship will work out, but that doesn’t always occur in real life interaction either.

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@poisonedantidote Yeah, I did a short stint. We all make mistakes lol.

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