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Tips for nausea?

Asked by Kay (1608points) May 5th, 2008 from iPhone

Started new medicine and now I have really bad nausea. Any advice would be greatly appreciated right now!! :-P

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Fresh air, don’t lean forward, don’t watch things that are moving (fast).....

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If you are able to take some time to rest, sit upright with your head propped on something. If you can do it outside in the fresh air even better.

Just remember to keep your breathing even and maybe try sipping some pineapple juice very slowly.

If you don’t like that try sipping liquid jello. It is basically jello you prepare with 1 part boiling water, 1 part warm water, and which hasn’t “set.” This is also a good stomach flu remedy, by the way.

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Thanks; been trying to sit-up but I don’t really have much food in the house right now. Will definitely try the jello thing when I feel well enough to go buy some :-P

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It would help to know what the medicine is. In some cases, nausea is expected, while in others it is a sign to stop the medicine or switch to something else.

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Eat before taking meds. Peppermints when nausea begins.

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Ginger is a good natural cure for seasickness and nausea. My father gets really sick on boats, and when there’s no Dramamine on hand he sucks ginger hard candies.

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eat before taking medicine and i dont know if this is myth or not but it always “worked” for me as far as settling my stoomach -> 7up or ginger ale

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Nausea/stomach upset is definitely normal for this med and I though I had enough food in my stomach when I took it, but apparently not… Ugh. At least it seems to be getting better now. Thanks for all of the suggestions.

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Ginger, chamomile, peppermint, and fennel tea are all good for helping nausea. Yogi Tea has a “Stomach Ease” brew which really helps.

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I’m a big tea drinker, so I’ll definitely look into the yogi tea.

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Did you try talking with the pharmacist? They might have some good ideas too.

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