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Boring question #92: Do rich people eat Spam or Ramen noodles?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26783points) August 20th, 2011

If you go by what the media says the rich eat food that look more like sculpture or they eat lobster, crab, and shrimp, etc. But the so-called low income food like Spam or Ramen noodles, do the rich even bother with them? For that matter, would you catch them at McDonalds at all, much less ordering off the dollar menu?

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Define “rich”.

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Some of them do. You don’t stay rich by eating the most expensive food every day of your life.

I do know people who have quite a bit of money and they still eat at McDonalds and DQ now and then.

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Maybe it would help out my self esteem if they did. Spam is badass, just not all the time though.They have someone get it for them so they won’t be caught “slumming” because they know it’s good stuff.

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It’s not what they eat, rather than where they find it at. You won’t find most rich people at dollar stores, where it’s most likely in such places that you’ll find ramen and spam. But in some badass supermarket where half of what you pay goes towards plastic fruit decoration sitting around in ice trays, they probably have tried it out, if all that cheap welfare spam shit was sold there lol.

Also, Klick fuckin rocks, rich or not. :)

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@Symbeline Hey no bad mouthin cheap welfare spamshit.

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@woodcutter Sorry, sorry. :)

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You’re referring to “ramen” noodles? I think people stop eating that when they graduate from college.

I don’t think well off people eat food like that all that often. The ones I know eat fairly normal dinners at home. But they are more likely to enjoy an expensive wine with a casual home cooked meal. Think a $200 zinfandel and home made lasagna made with fresh pasta.

I do think people who can afford it will eat better and more natural foods- organic salads and fruits, hamburgers made with organic grass fed beef, but still pretty much mainstream meals..

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@Symbeline I can find ramen and spam at all big grocery stores.

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@zenvelo poor people eat ramen too. it’s not just a college thing

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Maybe they would if it had the word gourmet somewhere on the package, or can. Gourmet Spam, that just sounds sophisticated.

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@jonsblond And the nail has been nailed in, it has. :)

@Aethelflaed Me, too. But their stock is pathetic in size compared to cheaper places.

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My family is relatively wealthy and we have Cup Noodles in the pantry. It’s technically my brother’s, but I know my parents eat stuff like that sometimes. I can’t remember the last time they had lobster…

Most wealthy people I know don’t just eat caviar on toast points. :P But I wouldn’t blame them for not eating Spam, that shit’s nasty…


I’m sure they eat ramen noodles, but they eat them in golden gilded noodle bowls with shiny silver chopsticks!

Ramen noodles are easy to make, convenient, delicious, and most of all, cheap! Since a lot of rich people are also cheapskates, they probably have a whole stash of ramen noodles in their kitchen pantry! Martha Stewart’s guilty as anyone!

@Hypocrisy_Central Have you ever tried eating ramen noodles with SPAM on top? It’s delicious! Cook a bowl of steaming hot ramen noodles, then add a few slices of pan-fried or microwaved SPAM on top. Yum!

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We know they’d eat Kraft Dinner… just with all the fanciest ketchups.

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When this is your car.
This is your house.
This is your getaway house on the water.
This is your getaway house on land, when you don’t take to the air.
That type of rich.

@MRSHINYSHOES Have you ever tried eating ramen noodles with SPAM on top? It’s delicious! I have experimented with Ramen noodles in many different ways, with Spam, ham, chicken breast, Turkey, with the before mentioned meat and cheese chunks, corn, or scrambled egg. Sometime I boil the egg and dice it up. Turkey breast with a little corn and scrabbled egg taste very good in Ramen noodles. So does Spam with scrabbled egg too. I think it is an overlooked food because of the reputation of being just “college food”, or for the poor; wait, isn’t pizza “college food”?

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Sometimes their foofoo doggies eat Spam when they’re camping out.


@Hypocrisy_Central My family and I eat it all the time. You mentioned eating it with scrambled eggs——we do that too. I put scrambled eggs right on top of a bowl of steaming hot ramen noodles. I love chicken-flavored ramen noodles, and the brand Sapporo Ichiban is one of our favs.

Another way we eat it is pan-fried. After boiling the noodles to loosen and slightly softened them up, drain them and in the same pot add some margarine or butter. Lightly fry them and add some curry powder. Then season the curried noodles with a bit of the chicken stock. Not too much, it’s very salty. Yum (but only if you like curry). Another way we eat them is after cooking the noodles and draining them, add some oyster flavored sauce, chopped green onion, and pan-fried SPAM meat slices. Yum again. Mr.Shiny Shoes’ Cooking Lessons for the day. Lol.

Ramen noodles always hit the spot with a lot of college students. Hearty, convenient, cheap, and quick to make, as well as easy to store and are relatively non-perishable.

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@ratboy I think their precious pooches are eating cans of salmon, if not oysters.

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My friend/ex-roommate’s boyfriend comes from old money (and we’re talking straight up WASP background here—yacht and all) and he absolutely loves Spam. It was my friend that introduced it to him (Spam musubi) and he really couldn’t get enough of the stuff after that.

So, yes: The classy rich kids eat/have eaten crap too.

You’d be surprised with the kind of stuff the well off eat on a daily basis, actually—especially the college set, haha.

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So, once again, someone is assuming that the rich are comprised of a different species?

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I am not rich and I don’t eat Spam or ramen noodles. I would be willing to bet that rich people’s kids who need something convenient to eat after school might eat ramen noodles (I mean teenagers that can make it themselves).

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To all: How could we possibly answer this question unless we personally knew someone that was rich? That would require being privy to their financial background, as well as their kitchen pantry.

I’ve attended a few holiday parties at the houses of our corporate executives (who should be well off), and some of them were catered, while another used to host cookouts in his backyard by the pool with burgers and hot dogs served. In both cases, I have no idea what they eat when no one else is around.

Don’t forget the people who have amassed great sums of money and yet still live frugally. On the surface, we would never know how much they are worth by they way they choose to live. OTOH, if someone was incredibly rich and liked to flaunt it, they might have a housekeeper that does the grocery shopping. Spam and Ramen noodles may be in their grocery cart.

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@Pied_Pfeffer When I answered this question I was thinking of my husband’s former boss and his family. They are a very wealthy family. The family still shops at Walmart and Dollar General and they never miss a yard sale. They dine at nicer restaurants, but they also eat fast food and buy convenient, cheap meals at the grocery store. I know it’s just one family, but I’m sure they can’t be the only wealthy family who lives frugally. =)

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They probably enjoy it as much as non rich people do only with them it could be like riding a moped.. It’s pretty cool until someone sees you doing it.

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@jonsblond Thank you for the personal example. We seem to be in agreement. Some rich people can be just as frugal as those of us who have to closely monitor our budgets.

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Ever turned a packet of ramen noodles into real ramen? Throw in some chicken, seafood, shrimps, tofu, beansprouts and wakame (seaweed) and whatever other veggies you fancy. Throw away the sachet of crap that comes with it and use miso paste instead, with a little chilli oil according to taste. It’s not even that expensive to put something like this together.

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@JilltheTooth So, once again, someone is assuming that the rich are comprised of a different species? I would not say a different species but a different brand of people overall. I have never gone to any of the area Wal-Marts or Target stores and seen a Lamborghini, Aston Martin, or Ferrari parked in the lot out front. Neither have I ever seen one going through the drive-through at Jack in the Box, or McDonalds. Surely no one on my block, or the blocks of those who e earn more, has one parked in front of their house. There might be some wealthy people that are afraid to spend their money or do not buy the trappings that reflect their wealth but many do. They shop at member only stores most of us would never see or could afford shopping in unless we saved half a year and just to by a wallet in there. When was the last neighborhood you lived in where it was gated and there were at least three exotic sports or luxury cars on the block? If you are wealthy and don’t want to tip your hand, I can understand. ;-)

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I have known a few of the uber wealthy. The ones I have known drive Hondas and Chevys, Audis and Beamers, and have no need to display the great wealth. They also shop at Costco and Target as well as Macy’s. Your statement @Hypocrisy_Central “I have never gone to any of the area Wal-Marts or Target stores and seen a Lamborghini, Aston Martin, or Ferrari parked in the lot out front. Neither have I ever seen one going through the drive-through at Jack in the Box, or McDonalds.” is reflective only of the people who feel the need for such ostentation, not for the “rich” in general.

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I don’t eat or bother with spam or rammin noodles, and I not rich.

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