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Does anybody know of anything that would help me get up in the morning?

Asked by lemming (3913points) August 21st, 2011

I think I may suffer from hypersomnia, because I have a really hard time getting up in the morning, and I never feel refreshed no matter how much sleep I get. I’m going back to college in September and I’m affraid I’ll miss classes because of this.

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I had a friend who suffers the same thing as you. If i remember correctly he used to take some drugs like ” Provigil ” something like that. I really think you should visit your doctor because the best advice would be from a doctor. He/she would know what would be the best for you.

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Do you smoke weed?

The only reason I ask is because you said college + hypersomnia. When I was a weed smoker I needed 12 hours sleep a day, now that I have quit I find it hard to get more than 4 or 5.

If that is irrelevant because you don’t smoke, I suggest experimenting with drinking water before you sleep, find the right amount to drink that will cause you to need to get up to go to the toilet at the right time.

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@poisonedantidote no I don’t even smoke cigarettes.

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This has worked for me. It takes two alarm clocks. One is placed next to my bed and set for 4 am, as an example. The other clock is placed at the other end of my bedroom and requires me to get out of bed, in order to shut it off.

The second clock is set for 410 am. Two alarms have worked for me.

Good Luck. jp

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Edit: It could also be that your adrenals are “drained”. Do you get much B vitamins in your diet? Most Westerners, especially Americans, don’t.

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You are not the only one brother. Though you have to find something that motivates you. And remember as times passes by it may become even more difficult. You might want to laze a bit more in the bed then.

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Have you ever undergone a sleep study? I know a couple of people who had the same problem, but ended up being diagnosed with severe sleep apnea. They were never getting good sleep, so they were tired all the time, regardless of how much sleep they got. They were given a CPAP and swear they are living a new life.

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Go to your doctor and have bloodwork done to test for thyroid deficiency.

As suggested above, investigate whether you have sleep apnea, especially if your neck circumference is 17 inches or greater.

A WakeMate may help. It has totally turned my mornings around, and I am not morning person.

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I agree with the above advice that you should probably talk to your MD about this. Assuming you don’t have a medical disorder, This might solve your problems (although it might piss off you roommate).

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Going early to bed the night before and setting a radio alarm works for me.

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set one concrete time you want to wake up at and stick to it no matter what, go to sleep only when sleepy – it will vary but your organism will get used to one wake up time

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Do you snore? That’s another sign of sleep apnea. Are you overweight? That can bring on sleep apnea.

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I feel the exact same way. My eyes and head hurt when I wake up and I feel lightheaded. I’ve never had that refreshed feeling in the morning.

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Waking up refreshed is illusive and not necessarily the norm. I remember setting my alarm clock, putting it across the room, placing objects to trip over in the path to the clock and being able to get there, turn off the alarm and dive back in bed and be asleep again. The fact is, you get up if you have to. Don’t indulge yourself. If you HAVE to get up, DO it. Who is in control of your life? It SHOULD be YOU, not the kid you were. And good luck. Growing up and being responsible isn’t easy.
Your choice.

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A live in Drill Sargent come to mind.

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I’ve had this problem.. It would always take me at least an hour to drop off to sleep and every morning was the same thing, I didn’t get enough sleep.. I would drag and sleepwalk until about ten or eleven then I could function but that night, the same old thing.. Then I discovered I was a 3rd shift worker (graveyard) and once I changed jobs I had no more problems. So, during school it will be difficult for you (unless you can find evening classes) then upon graduation search for at least 2nd shift jobs.. It worked for me.

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