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Do you agree with: "fear is just a feeling asking for a hug"?

Asked by Hibernate (9050points) August 21st, 2011

Well do you agree or not?

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Negative. I give his answer, based on past experiences….........

A thief has just been captured breaking into a drugstore. He is shaking in his boots for fear of being convicted and and sent to prison.

At this point, he may be asking for a hug to cobat his fear, BUT he will not receive one from me.

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No. Fear is fear. it is a warning system designed to make us stop and think before going forward with something.

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No, insert “sadness” in the place of “fear” and you’ve got it right.

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But what if you are afraid on heights and someone hugs you .. would not it make you overcome that? [if it’s someone you trust of course]

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I have fear of hights, no hug has made me overcome that.

Maybe if a child is afraid of something and you are there to hug him,yes that would help him overcome his fears.

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@Hibernate Speaking for myself, no. It would be a comfort but it wouldn’t allay the fear.

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But maybe a bit of courage? Were you having the same amount of fear?

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I think for me maybe having someone talk to me who could rationally allay my fear or talk me through them would be more of a help than a hug.

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Just another New Age feelgood slogan.
Fear is what happens when somebody is shooting at you. Even if you had time for a hug, it wouldn’t work.

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@josie A new age slogan? I’ve never heard it before. It doesn’t sound new agey to me. It sounds weak-minded. Feelings don’t ask for hugs. People ask for hugs. And if they’re are feeling fear, they are generally to afraid to ask for a hug, even if it were possible.

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@janbb Depending on the nature of the fear. Some are rational but others are not.

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Depends on the fear. Most fears I would agree occurs merely in the confines of the imagination so yes, a hug would do great. But fear due to a truck barreling towards me? I don’t think anyone would be fast enough to give me a hug. If someone did, I’ll scream, “What are you doing?! Give me a pull!”

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@Porifera Agree – I just meant that if anything were to help, it would likely be more that than a hug.

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Hugging is a side effect of feeling fear.

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Courage is not the absence of fear, it is the act of overruling it. Being airborne gualified in the Army taught me that even though I am still afraid of heights, I know I can overcome that fear. Same thing with coming under fire. No sane human being LIKES being shot at, but that fear can indeed be overcome, although not with hugs.


Often it is, but not always. When fear stems from one’s insecurity and uncertainty, then a hug always helps. Never underestimate the power of “touch”. Even a simple arm around the shoulder, a warm pat, and a rub can do wonders to allay someone’s fear, loneliness, and insecurity.

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In Vietnam, I seldom even had time to BLEED, much less get a hug! LOL!

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