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How do you wake up someone else who's gonna be late?

Asked by robmandu (21285points) May 5th, 2008

And without angering them into poisoning your food later that day?

I’ve tried these tips without much success.

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Haha, judging by the comic it sounds like it’s a lose-lose situation. If you’re not startling them awake (e.g. you whisper their name until they wake up, or lightly touch their shoulder to get their attention) then they should really have no reason to want to kill you later on.

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Just play this and they can’t possibly be mad at you….

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you can also bring the dog in and throw the ball on the bed so the dog will go and get it to play with it, just don’t stay around

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Do you not like your dog?........I know that strategy would not work on me. There would be trips to hospitals and vets to follow….
Of course by the time I’d be fully conscious, I’d be terribly sorry about hurting the dog.

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wow!! you are not friendly gal with your pet, huh!! If my dog wakes me up, I would just probably get it off the bed by a loud command, or push it off the bed. I wouldn’t hurt the dog, that’s for sure

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First thing in the morning, I’m not friendly.

Add startle or shock to that, and….well….! And I wouldn’t deliberately hurt the pet, but I wouldn’t rule out a hurtle across the room…

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@wildflower captures the problem perfectly.

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…and that is why music is your best bet. Or the noise of the coffee maker finishing a fresh brew…

Actually, a more practical – and less time consuming – approach would be to just make sure to cram as many apologies in there as possible.

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i like to bring them a glass of water. people are usually thirsty in the morning. i always drink a glass of water when i wake up.

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Better yet, bring them a nice, hot cup of coffee or tea!

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@robmandu, did you say who the person is that you are trying to wake? Spouse? Child? Roommate?

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@robmandu; why is it your responsibility and not the snoozer’s? What if s/he were late a few times; perhaps have to walk or bike to school, be late for work, hitch a ride, pay for a cab.

When I missed the school bus, I had to jog the three miles. No one was waiting to give me a ride. It happened rarely, I can assure you.

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try poking them in the center of their back. it gives a sudden jolt. you could also tickle them until they wake up. the best is if you make them breakfast in bed and they cant refuse because then they have to apologize to you for going through the trouble for nothing.

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I’ve tried the passive-aggressive “let ‘em be late, I don’t care” approach… turns out I do care plus then they’ll be even more ornery, irritated, and sullen at being late (of which I get the fallout, too) than at being forced awake.

Due to the mechanics of our current living situation, I’m looking for a suggestion that does not involve leaving the room. Breakfast, tea, etc. introduce additional complexities outside of this discussion.

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Actually, my best (serious) suggestion is to talk to them about it, let them know how this affects you and ask them for understanding – that you are trying to help them. And be sympathetic and little apologetic when you wake them (impatience, frustration, etc will only fuel the fire)

I’ve had similar situation with my gift for falling asleep on the sofa by the telly and I’m not a ray of sunshine when woken, but I’m aware and try not to be a total ‘she-dog’

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a fire hose should do the trick!

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If your going to go with music play this instead.

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I love Top Gun!
This is also a pretty good wake-up song.

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@edmartin101 that’s a great video, but how is going to get her out of bed?

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@scamp That’s the 64 million dollar question our friend robmandu can only answer

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Well, to be serious, you could prepare a thermos of tea, coffee, or cocoa the night before and keep in on nighttable. We are all making the assumption, I note, that this someone shares your bed since you can’t leave bedroom. (Unless your dog has a good job.)

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