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Does anyone here own a PlayStation 3? If so, how do you like it? Good, bad?

Asked by Berserker (33454points) August 21st, 2011

Being a Sony fangirl, of course I have one, although it took forever for me to buy one, since it’s so pricey.
I’m liking it so far though, although I haven’t played much on it. Truth be telt, there’s a lot of the games that don’t actually interest me…I think I’m too old fashioned, and I like the 16 to 32 bits eras better. But I am enjoying some games, like Splatterhouse and Castlevania Lords of Shadow a lot. I’m sure there’s more for me out there.
The PSN (PlayStation Network) also has many games to buy and download, and many are really cheap. I can get ’‘minis’’ and older PlayStation classics for next to nothing, (although I really wish they’d include some of the less classics, where’s my Koudelka damnit) it’s pretty awesome. Currently playing Dead Nation, where you mess up zombies. Go figure. :D

I also really love the whole trophies thing. Most games grant you trophies for achieving certain things, and that gives you points on your account level. It’s completely pointless, but I’ve always been a completionist in video games, and now I can finally show people how much of a life I don’t have. :D

So, anyone else here (I know of at least two people) have a PS3? Comments?

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I got like every console out there .. starting from like 20 years ago. I f’in hate them! They take too much of my time. I’ll be sure to buy the rest just to show off to others :))))

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You got a TurboGrafix 16?

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Yeah. And similar ones .. sega megadrive, sega saturn, dreamcast, ninentdo nes roms .. I’ll make some pictures sometimes so you can drool over them. [I’m bad]

[as for the turbo one .. I own the white version ]
The basement is like an exposition. The consoles I do not use anymore are in their original boxes. SHH don’t let the kids find out.

I don’t use them too much though [the older versions]. They work but they look better in the collection. I use emulators if I want to njoy the games or show the kids good old games we had to play for fun. fceux [emulator] and are the best for giving them for free today. ^^

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We bought our daughter a PS3 for her 10th birthday, the “big one-oh” lol, and we love it! The graphics are great, and my hubby and kids LOVE playing war games together. My hubby and my 10 yr old daughter like to play the Black Ops Zombies on the PS3 online with other players. I like playing Little Big Planet, lmfao, and I love that the PS3 plays Bluerays.

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@Hibernate Your basement sounds damn epic…you got a ColecoVision, too?

@WillWorkForChocolate Haha cool. Zombie mode in Black Ops is great, but I completely suck at it. What’s the record for hubby and daughter for rounds?

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@Symbeline Not sure. I just asked my hubby, and he doesn’t remember what their record is. My daughter would probably know, but she’s already asleep. She did tell me a few days ago that she’d made it 21 rounds, but I don’t sit and watch for that long, so I have no idea if she’s telling the truth.

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No colecos though I said at some point I’ll just order a few on ebay just to have them around. I started to get only those in the third generation after -84. After I bought a few older ones because Atari rocked. I think coleco had high prices so that’s why I did not buy one. It’s been a while lol .. a quarter of a century passed.

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@WillWorkForChocolate 21 rounds is entirely possible. If so, they’re pretty good, least as far as I know, and have seen. I know this dude and his buddies who made it to 36. (on the very first map, but that wasn’t BO, but still the same zombie mode from the franchise) I can barely get three rounds, but okay lol. XD

@Hibernate Coleco rocks. Ya gotta get one. :)

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I’ve had one for a while now, but I sure did have to save up for one! I’ve loved it from the moment I had it. Sure, the occasional updates are annoying, but everything else works great. Minus that whole ordeal with the PSN a few months ago, I like the online services a lot. The graphics are great, there’s a great selection of games, and it’s progressively gotten better and better with age.

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@Symbeline It’s so funny watching her play, too, because she’s only 10 and she’s griping about the other players screwing up. I won’t let her have a mic, but she’ll sit in the living room floor and just go to town, yellin’ “Revive me, you idiot!” or “No, not THAT door!” or “Come to mama, demon doggies” lmfao.

It was also quite funny when my husband let our 5 yr old play in offline multiplayer mode. She was just running her character around, trying to find her sister and daddy and goin’ “Where are you guys??” Then she found her sister and started mashing a bunch of random buttons and my 10 year old stopped all of a sudden, looked at me and said, “She knifed me!” with this hilarious, incredulous tone in her voice. And my 5 yr old was proud that she’d managed to do something with her character. It was too funny!!!

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@Joker94 Agreed. The PS3 was shit in its first years, but it seems to have picked off quite good. And yeah, those bastard hackers from a while back…grrr.

@WillWorkForChocolate All I gotta say is, your kids rock. :) That all sounds so cute lol!

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Yeah, they’re pretty damn cool, most of the time.

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I have both a ps3 and xbox360, and the last time I played with either of them was well over a year ago.

I think the ps3 is awesome, for my money the best gaming system money can buy. However, I’m still more likely to go play chess or load up sim city on to a computer than I am to load up one of the new awesome war games. I’m fairly good at any computer game after a touch of practice, this is not n00b fear we are dealing with, the modern games just seem a little cold to me, I don’t enjoy playing them as much as I do a game of worms.

Deep down I’m an PC MMORPG guy.

EDIT: Build a time machine and give a ps3 and all the code skills to the people who made mario bros 3 and see what they come up with. Technologically the ps3 is a wet dream, but still a touch cold for me.

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@Symbeline Agreed. But lately, it’s been kick-awesome!
@poisonedantidote I agree that some modern games are a little cold. It kind of really sucks, actually. I’m hoping this year will be different. I really think Rage will be great, as will Arkham City.

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I don’t have one, but if I did, I would get the God of War games and Battlefield 1943. That’s about it.

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I don’t know why but out of all the questions that were posted my mind spotted ” ps3 ”. Hmm, I would say I’m a hardcore gamer? Really love the ps3, played almost all the games out there! To anyone who might be interested, “HEAVY RAIN” is a must. You guys should play it! It will give you an idea what kind of person you are :) PLEASE WATCH – Out of all the amazin’ games out there i don’t know why i mentioned heavy rain. Nevertheless, it’s a must! Ps3 is amazin’, xbox is eh – good.
@Michael_Huntington I think I’ll go feel the wrath of KRATOS <3

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I love mine. The only hiccup was when the network was hacked. Superior machine compared to hex box.

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I was given a PS3 shortly after it came out as a gift for..something..I don’t really remember, it was more just because, I think.. anyways, I didn’t have many games then or a wireless router, so it mostly just sat for a while, which somehow fried the motherboard. So I sent it back, two years after I’d gotten it and on the straggling threads of a warranty, and Sony fully refunded me for the initial cost. So now that it had dropped in price by a third of its cost, I bought a new system and warranty, GTAIV and a wireless router. After that point I obsessed over the thing, playing relatively nonstop for two years. It was the bread and butter to my middle school existence. Then, after those two years, I grew weary of it and retired my mantle of gaming, doing so only casually, when I’m able. Aside from having to replace my original PS3, which Sony handled extremely well, I love it! I’ve only good things to say about it; its only annoyances resulting from the router being finicky and such.

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Really cool. Out of this world. You want more reaction or is it enough.

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We don’t have one no. Had loads of PS1’s & 2’s, but have owned Xbox 360’s for a number of years now. By no means a console fanboy, I just think Xbox Live kick’s arse, as does my son…..carry on pwning! ;¬}

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Btw, if any PS3 owners wanna add me to their friend list, my username is TerminusCross

Now add me, damnit XD

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I’ll add you @Symbeline =D

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Sweet, request accepted. :)

And holy shit, you rock. 14 platinums? Jesus Christ. I admire. :)

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@Symbeline I’ll catch you there one day online! :)
Ah, I try my best yeah :D I’ve got like 3 more that need just one trophy and would get all 3 platinum’s in them but I’m just too lazy! Thank you kindly haha.

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I only have one, and it was for some easy ass game that gave you a silver just for completing a tutorial. XD
Oh and I see you played Dead Nation. Let me know if you ever wanna hook up and fuck zombies up. :)

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@Symbeline Hahah that’s alright. Sometimes the easy ass games are the hardest for me! Dead nation yeah, I got really into it at first but then I snapped back to my loved ones – cod zombies. Right now I’m downloading the new map pack Rezurrection ! Let me know if you hook up in cod zombies! Played every single map for hours. Ah excuse me, here i am talking about zombies like crazy. It just shows you how much I would love to press that R1 and shoot em’. :D

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