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Is a "Flavor Fresh Steamer"(tm) recyclable?

Asked by Zaku (19804points) August 21st, 2011

I just tried a new type of frozen food, a Marie Calendar pasta which includes a plastic bowl and pasta strainer that one is to zap all together in a microwave.

The plastic is a soft translucent type, and I don’t see any recycling symbols anywhere. Does anyone know if it’s recyclable at all?

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Check the bottom of the container for recyclable symbols. I just assume they are, and put them into my recycle bin after rinsing out.

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@RocketGuy Probably the right move, but I didn’t see any symbols.

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Theoretically, yes. However it depends on your area. In Park City, UT where we used to live, they recycled plastic bags of every description. In the areas we’ve lived since, I have not found a recycle facility that will do the same in the places I have lived since.

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