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Is blowing sinus mucous out better than snorting it in?

Asked by Zaku (19335points) August 22nd, 2011

When I am congested, say from illness, often it is not very easy to blow much of it out my nose. It often seems easier to snort in and have it drain seemingly down my throat into my stomach, where I imagine it being harmlessly (to me) fried by stomach acids.

Some people have at times told me that they think it is best expelled from the body and so blowing the nose they consider far superior, and they consider inward snorting to be counter-productive or a sort of dead-end road.

I’m wondering what others’ opinions or (especially) knowledge on this, er, front, is?

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Better out than in.

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I think you could easily make the case for better in than out. Blowing the nose can force mucous up the Eustachian tubes into the middle ear, where it can cause infection. It also results in lots of infectious tissue wads loosed upon the world and, inevitably, more beasties on the nose-blower’s hands. It may seem less gross to expel the stuff than to assimilate it, but hey, your stomach is lined with mucous. It’s not going to mind a little more.

It’s true that snorting it back will occasionally suck mucous down into the lungs, but the lungs are going to get their fair share anyway from all the post-nasal drip no matter whether you’re a blower or a snorter. That’s a common cause of bronchitis following nasal/sinus infection.

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As long as expelling mucous out does not involve it landing on anything in public spaces. Use a tissue, dispose of it properly, and wash your hands ASAP. Anything spreads germs and disease.

When you and blow your nose, snorting in as gently as possible is acceptable.

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Far better an empty house than a bad tenant…….. Let it all blow :-/

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Take some drops of some sort to dry your nose .. I know it not a very good idea but it will stop the it. Annoying as it may be it shows your body is fighting and throwing it out. And since your body does not want I wouldn’t recommend you try and keep it near you ^^

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Always blow your nose, one side at a time. Swallowing infection only leads to more infection.

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I feel better when I blow it out, and I can hear better after.

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Blow that junk out!!!

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I personally hate blowing my nose, but I don’t know the science behind either method.

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