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When you think of Mario video games, what images come to mind?

Asked by Mariah (24656points) August 22nd, 2011

I want to make sure I’m not overlooking anything iconic for a collage I’m putting together.

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The original Donkey Kong

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@filmfann Thanks!

So far I’ve got:
Green pipes
Yellow ? blocks
Goombas, Koopas
Red mushrooms
Stars, coins
Piranha plants
And obviously Mario himself, and Luigi/Yoshi/Princess Peach/Bowser

Anything else?

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Turtle troopers.
Is that what they’re called? Those little half turtle, half duck looking things.

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Princess Toadstool… mmmMMmm!

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Stylish Overalls!

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@Mariah – I’d loved to see the final product! I’m inspired to make my own collage of video game icons.

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Whenever I hear/see Mario I’m always thinking of Mario kart and a bomb coming from your back :) Only those who played know what I’m talking about.

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Fire flower
That asshole in the clouds who throws the red spiky shit

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[nerd] @Michael_Huntington the asshole in the clouds is named Lakitu. The red spiky shit he throws are called spineys. [/nerd]

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Mushrooms and Bowzer… and the unlimited 1-ups from the level 3 trick

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That jump you can make if you time it just right that gets you bonus points when you touch the flag.

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Additional images: red coins, Shy Guys (I have a fondness for them), hammers, the various suits from Super Mario Brothers 3 (especially the Tanuki Suit), and I would add a Luma from Super Mario Galaxy because it would be neat to showcase icons from Mario games across the decades.

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My son mentions “Bullet Bill”.
As a matter of fact, this site looks like it might have a lot of things you could use.

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I think of how in some of the normal on land stages, if you fall in a pool of water, you die…yet, there’s entire underwater levels. O_o

But yeah, Mario rocks. I also think of shrooms, funny enemies…and shyguy!

Cmon, this guy rocks, he’s wearing a mask! He’s totally a serial killer.

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@Symbeline Shyguys are some of my favorite enemies in any of the Mario games. Check out this alternative version of a shy guy.

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Oh crapola, that is awesome. Love it. :)

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I have been thinking a lot about pulling out the old ‘64 and just for kicks but never do.

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a fat Italian pygmy plumber getting run over by a Yoshi stampede

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dont forget the ghosts! and the little flame dudes and those creepy plants that eat you and feathers oh and the caterpillar things from the forest of illusions

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16bit Mario and this music.

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“It’sa me, Mario!”

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No one mentioned Luigi? Or the opposite one… What’s his name?

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@talljasperman Waluigi and Wario?

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Man, I never noticed the clouds and bushes either. That bothers me for some reason. Like I looked at the Ark.

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Chain chomp. Climbing vines. Clouds. The floating, horizontal ladders, hammer bros.

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