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Hot Damn!!! Ridley Scott has signed to make a sequel to "Blade Runner"! What should the plot be?

Asked by filmfann (51949points) August 22nd, 2011

Do they get Harrison Ford again? It’s been 30 years!
Do they get Sean Young? She has been dying to make this movie since the first one!
Who else is involved?
Who else should be involved?
Prequel or Sequel?
I have a reason to live till 2013!

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Hey as long as it has the same neo-noir/cyberpunk vibe as the first one, I don’t care where they go with it, I’m happy. Although I would like Harrison Ford to be in it.

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Rutger Hauer could still play a part, but as the father of his old character now.
He aged a bit.

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The original cast walks in, sits down on a couch, and watches Blade Runner. Possibly with commentary and throwing popcorn whenever Sean Young appears. The end.

Seriously, I am afraid this sequel will ruin Blade Runner forever. Why can’t people let a perfect thing be?

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@dappled_leaves A sort of MST3K?

It would seem, that the original book, Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep, already has four sequels.

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I actually haven’t seen Bladerunner, but I’m going to watch it when I get home, I promise.

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stop it with the sequels already!

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@Blackberry Sometimes some smaller independent movie houses show films like Bladerunner in the big screen. Glad you’re seeing it but maybe there’s one near you?

Bladerunner to me was more about the “atmosphere” rather than the plot. Vangelis music really set the tone and of course, Scott’s visuals and direction. If those could be repeated then I’m good. Scott should get teens from the 80’s who are die hard fans to check out this project and get feedback on how to go about it. It’s fine if he gets fresh talent but vision for the project has to come from 80’s fans. George Lucas tried to update his pre-quels and it sucked to the bone.

Also, I hope they do a repeat of building their sets and not depend entirely on digital sfx now. That will be a mistake imo.

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I have VHS, LaserDisk, and DVD versions of Blade Runner. In total, I have 5 or 6 different cuts of the film, including the Japanese cut.
PK Dick didn’t write any sequels to the book. The sequel books were written by some other dick.
In Ridley Scott’s vision, Deckard is a replicant. If he signs Han Solo to play him again, I see the plot as more replicant terrorism, and a Blade Runner is dispatched to kill the only two known replicants on Earth: Rachael and Deckard. So Deck has to avoid being killed, and find the real villians, all while protecting Rachael. Let’s just start filming now, and I’ll write it tonight.

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@dappled_leaves I agree about the dangers of remaking this film, but don’t forget it has already been recut many, many times, and it still holds up.
Personally, I like the original version best, with the cheesy voice over. That is the only version where Deckard is NOT a replicant.

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Sean Young is freaking crazy. I doubt she’d be allowed anywhere near it.

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@augustlan Isn’t it funny that her best role was as a woman devoid of most emotions? I say give her electro-shock, and roll the cameras.

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Seeing that I can’t think of a single Ridley Scott film that has disappointed me… I thinking it’ll be good… but then again if he’s running out of ideas and is revisiting classics… that could be a bad sign.

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@Blackberry no Bladerunner or Top Gun? What!?!

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@Imadethisupwithnoforethought I was just looking for that thread lol…..I have now seen Top Gun (it was good).

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To the post:

Sequel. The androids are the majority. Decker is hunted like other humans, but he might be an android. He refuses to accept this, but the androids treat him like a peer. He runs an underground railroad getting humans off-world.

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@Imadethisupwithnoforethought In fact, nobody’s sure if Deckard really is human, and not a Replicant. The book is vague on the point, and the various cuts in the film aren’t very helpful on that point.

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The movie could start with a much older Deckard ( the human version of course ) coaxed out of his isolated and dreary existence, to once again, hunt down replicants. He would rather shoot himself in the head than go on this mission, especially because of what happened 9 years ago when they caught him and Rachel and she was killed. But he relented after they showed him a chip with Rachel’s memories in it. In short, if he agrees, they will reconstruct Rachel, memories and all.

There wasn’t suppose to be anymore replicant trouble. The newer ones were reconfigured to automatically self-destruct when an “anomaly” occurs. The anomaly being disobedient to orders and of course, harming humans. Now, a group of these new breed of more powerful and sophisticated replicants managed once again to penetrate human civilization and hide.

When one of them got cornered by six young bladerunners, it detonated, but what was suppose to be a minor explosion, ended up in a big one powerful enough to destroy a whole city block! And so enter Deckard. They not only need his skills in tracking replicants but his experience and unique insight with having a relationship with one.

When Deckard saw Rachel once more, he felt he had a reason to live again. He quickly set-out to hunt down the replicants and in spite of being annoyed with the other Bladerunners and despite his age, he managed to kill two without a single deadly explosion.
But then it got harder. The next replicants to be hunted are harder to kill. Later on, it was revealed that these group of replicants has an orbiting spaceship that when detonated is powerful enough to wipe out half of Earth’s population.

The replicants managed to kidnap Rachel. To get back at Deckard, they flew her to the spaceship to die. Earth’s forces tried to attack the ship in orbit but failed since it was so superior in technology, one that the replicant’s designed themselves. Near the end, Deckard succeeded in getting to the ship. Along with one Bladerunner, they finally got to the leader and offered a deal. Humans would extend the lives of the remaining replicant fighters if they destroy their own ship without harming Earth.

The replicant leader refused, saying they knew they would be hunted all along and that they just wanted a taste of human life before expiring. They have no desire to exist like humans for all the ugliness they have seen. What they want is to rid the universe of the human specie. The leader finally revealed they have met aliens in their space travels and discovered them to be peaceful creatures and humans are actually a threat to the universe.

The replicant leader explains they really did not invent any of the advanced technology the Bladerunners have seen them using but those were given to them by the alien race they met. At the end though, Deckard convinced the replicant to give humans a chance to change. The replicant then gave Rachel to Deckard telling him, Earth’s life is in their hands. Though the ship’s detonation cannot be stopped, if they could gain control of the ship, they could fly at a distance and explode without harming Earth. The leader then says goodbye to Deckard and launched himself to outer space to die.

As the ship counts down to detonation, Rachel tried everything to take control of the ship. Finally, she understood. When she told him, Deckard balked. Yet in the end, Deckard helped her take her chip out, killing her body. He then installed it in the ship’s brain system. Rachel, now the ship herself, flew away from Earth and despite Deckard’s protests, launched him in small space vessel back to Earth before she exploded.

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The most overrated movie of all time, any sequel leaves me equally cold.

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@mazingerz88 I like the idea of having it take place Off World. That was played up so much in the original film, having it turn out to be less than advertised seems like a good idea.

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@ucme No soup for you!

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@ucme Overrated?! Lol. Don’t think so. Maybe if Deckard was British?

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@mazingerz88 Err, it was my opinion of the film. I believe i’m entitled to one aren’t I?
lol roflmao retardgiggle!!!

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Ok, I watched it. Good movie.

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@Blackberry Great! Curious if you found any scene you really like? It’s just that it’s been made quite a while ago and wondering how it stands to today’s films…

@ucme : ) retardgiggle back!

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@mazingerz88 I thought it was kinda slow paced to be honest, but I think my favorite scene is when the male replicant chased Ford on the roof and died with the dove.

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@Blackberry It was really slow paced. And it did not have enough exciting action scenes really. That seemed to be the approach of Ridley Scott, as opposed to Tony Scott ( his brother? ) of Top Gun, Days of Thunder etc.

When Bladerunner came out, the typical high adrenaline pumping Hollywood chase scenes and slam bang gunfights ala Lethal Weapon was in its infancy, I believe. I really liked Bladerunner’s slow pace because Ridley wanted me to absorb and BE in the scene. I think he was formerly an art director before and I did not mind what he did. Liked “smelling” the cigarette smoke in that interrogation room that ended mixing up with gunsmoke.

Loved seeing the gloss in Sean Young’s blood red lips as Ford presses her at the door and of course, the street scenes where it felt compressing. The filmakers had a vision and I’m sure had fun executing it. They went for the Mood.

Other great works of Ridley Scott were Alien and Legend. Slow but awesome in visual designs.

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@mazingerz88 There is a trope, out on TVTropes. “Seinfeld isn’t funny.”

Somebody like Scott, so many people have riffed on his stuff over the years, tinkered and improved his original groundbreaking stuff, when you get somebody to go and look at it, it seems boring in comparison to what they get all the time now.

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@Imadethisupwithnoforethought – the same is true of a film like Citizen Kane, which is being discussed on another thread. Seeing it for the first time now, it can be hard to see what the fuss is about. But when you consider that Welles was using many cinematographic techniques for the first time… it was innovative and an important step in film history. It’s worth paying attention to.

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@dappled_leaves totally agree. I just finally understood why I couldn’t get people excited over Buffy when they had seen True Blood.

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Haha! I have been having that same conversation with people. The writing in True Blood is so awful, that once you know the storylines aren’t original, there’s really nothing left to enjoy except all that nudity and gore.

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@Imadethisupwithnoforethought The Buffy movie with Sutherland from the 80’s was one of those films that eventhough I knew was badly told on film, I still very much liked to have fallen in love with. The opening scene was extremely catchy, a great hook. The Chosen one from ancient past killed and now in present day, a new one has been chosen…and its vampires after her! Nice! But then probably for lack of budget and a real director with flair, most scenes were bleeh! That must be the first scene in the history of Hollywood movies that a knife was caught in mid-air by the heroine in training?

@dappled_leaves After being mesmerized with True Blood, I did realize the story sucks and I really just want to be these primordial monster watcher.

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@mazingerz88, I just assumed that @Imadethisupwithnoforethought was referring to the TV series… the film was not much.

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@mazingerz88 @dappled_leaves

I was thinking the TV show, but it holds true for the movie.

Seeing the movie initially, I thought it was good. Re-watching the movie after the show left me horrified as to my initial judgement.

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@Imadethisupwithnoforethought I wouldn’t be surprised if within three years, a new Buffy movie comes out. Still is an interesting plot to me.

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Oh man, just saw Bladerunner again and it’s more awesome than before. Vangelis’s music and Scott’s atmospheric visuals are perfect together!

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