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How do you use the Fluther? Alongside other sources, stand-alone, or as a bottleneck?

Asked by elliottcable (141points) June 18th, 2007

When you have a question, do you submit it to the fluther and...
A) Ask other places, then come back and post a comment on your own question if you get it answered elsewhere?
B) Leave it at that, and wait for the fluther to answer it?
C) Send the fluther link to other people you would normally ask about it, say IRC or friends on an instant messenger or a google group or fourm?

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I try to google stuff first. Only when the google result returns too much to sort through or when i want a good personal answer, do i turn to fluther.

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I use fluther first--the kind of questions I tend to ask require human beings to answer, and that is in great supply at

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I guess I was asking more of a how you use fluther along with other sources, than a do you use fluther or other sources first ^^/

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I just use Fluther on it’s own…. answer B for me :)

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I love this question – it must have been one of the very first.

He called it The Fluther – isn’t that cute?

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Who is that hadnsome devil above me?

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If you just want information you can go to wikipedia or google. I use fluther to learn what people think about the world and to express my opinion without being edited for space or content. The moderators seem to think like I do. I don’t attack people or opinions and when I disagree I have the opportunity to explain why I disagree.

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