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If you daily receive three questions, what is the reason not to use them?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26783points) August 22nd, 2011

There are different camps on this issue. Some say ask only when you really want something. Others feel if you have them to use, why not use them.

If people didn’t use all of the questions there might be a lot less fluff and the questions that are actually posted would have some iron behind it. Not using all the questions would give one less to sift through

However, if the questions were only tied to specific problems or a person was having there would be no need for the “social” area. For those who find collecting the badges a distraction when the question content is weak, it would be hobbling. You would have less opportunity to control your own destiny. To have them and not use them is like going into half time with time outs left to use.

Perhaps if you could retain a portion of them for later in the week when you might want to ask more than three questions, people would not make a point to use then all daily. Of if you could donate your unwanted questions in a kitty where those who want to ask more can come draw some extra questions based on the level they have reached. That might make some people pass. If you have questions to use, why not use them? Is there a point in just wasting them? If all question are cleaved to a specific issue would not make the question climate dry and stale?

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Why ask stupid crap questions just because you can? I think that brings the quality of this site down when people just ask questions that they could care less about, but want to ask because they can. That is just my opinion.

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Most of the questions I ask myself throughout the day and answered with a simple google search. I can honestly say I don’t think of three good questions that I know would provoke a great Fluther discussion everyday, or else I’d probably ask them. If I had time.

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^^ what they said

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The fact that something CAN be asked doesn’t mean that it SHOULD be asked.
The whole because I can mentality is not always the right one.

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I’m pretty sure a good chunk of the questions on here are asked out of boredom or loneliness.

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If I had three really good questions to ask every day, I would. I don’t. Most people don’t.

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Do questions such as this, this, and a Scrabble question, have earthshaking impact? I loved the Scrabble question and it was as fluffy as they come, pure enjoyment. Question gems like that would never spout if the questions were only asked for some great significance, or importance.

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Because it’s my user account and I can use or not use the three questions I am allotted in any way I see fit.

You know, because they’re my fucking questions.

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@Blondesjon That is all I am saying. You get to ask three questions, so if those questions are for pure enjoyment, some serious issue, or whatever reason. They are your questions, use them, and use them as you wish. Everyone should.

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@Hypocrisy_Central If your last question was directed at me, my answer is: I don’t equate “really good questions” with “earthshaking impact”. Some ‘fluffy’ questions are great, and some aren’t. Some serious questions are great, some aren’t.

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@augustlan No, it was just in general. It seemed many believe a question had to have some great importance or you shouldn’t ask it. There are hundreds of questions, some of which gotten a lot of play, many only 10 or less responses that had no earthshaking importance. Importance should not be the criteria for asking a question, or not. I have my share of fluff questions only because I am compelled to do so, in reality, I would rather not.

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@Hypocrisy_Central Ah, ok. Well, do keep in mind… nobody is forcing you to ask fluff questions. If you don’t want to ask them, you certainly don’t have to.

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To have them and not use them is like going into half time with time outs left to use.

Not all of us view Fluther as a competitive sport.

Posting questions that you know are “fluff” simply because you have some strange compulsion to try to acquire as much lurve and as many badges as possible is pretty pathetic. We all enjoy posting silly questions from time to time, but forcing yourself to do it when you don’t really even want to (as your statement “I have my share of fluff questions only because I am compelled to do so, in reality, I would rather not.” indicates) is just sad.

Behavior like that will be the downfall of this site. Have a little more respect for yourself, and your fellow jellies.

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@FutureMemory Posting questions that you know are “fluff” simply because you have some strange compulsion to try to acquire as much lurve and as many badges as possible is pretty pathetic. If Fluther was more on the questions and answers and not so much a popularity contest collecting what awards they make available would be less stimulating. What is pathetic is any good question or answer go lacking because of personal pet peeves against the author of it.

Behavior like that will be the downfall of this site. Have a little more respect for your fellow jellies, and yourself. The downfall of this site is when you can’t ask anything though provoking even if it is controversial or steeping on the toes of someone’s sacred cow. If the site is about challenging recourse and enlightenment then you ought to be cognizant some of it will be polar opposites to what you like and believe. If you don’t want to get hit and get your jersey dirty you don’t put the pads on and hit the field, you sit the bench and drink your Gatorade. When intelligent people can’t discuss intelligent but thought provoking issues civilly with out taking it personally, that is the biggest disrespect, that short changes the site from the greatness it could be, leaving it in the sea of mediocrity it is suppose to strive above.

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The questions page here is linear so your bullshit question to fill your quota might push my legit question off the front page where people are most likely to see it.

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If that is the worry there need to be more categories. Anyone’s question can be superseded by a “Does she like me?” “What do I wear to a blab la concert if it is a cool evening?” “Why don’t my b/f like my music?” etc type of question. Maybe Fluther should have tabs for real serious, somewhat serious_, just for fun. Everyone thought enough of their question to ask it, even if it is a game question.

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I ask questions when they come to my mind or I need to know something and can’t google it or want to canvass ideas.

I don’t always think of appropriate questions for fluther.

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@Hypocrisy_Central :: So are you pulling the “Bush/Clinton did it too” card?

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It would based on my time and necessities, also my current condition.

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well I just hate phrasing my question and writing the details properly.
I mean I do get ideas but forming a well worded question is too hectic!!

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I only ask questions when I: a) need help/advice with a certain situation in my life, or: b) want to ask people’s opinions on something I am interested or inspired by. I don’t feel the need to use up my rations for the day because, if I need them, I will have the exact same rations for the next day.

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I don’t sit here trying to think up questions.
If I have a question about something, or a situation that I’d like opinions about, then I might ask it on here. Some questions are more fun than others, but I don’t ask a question, just because I might be bored.
I can’t imagine having the time to even post three questions a day.

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Everybody on Fluther asks tons of questions that are interesting to me, so I don’t have to even think anything up. I just open up Fluther and there they are, stuff that I was already thinking about. I love how this works!

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If I don’t got shit to ask, why ask it? What if I waste all three questions then think something up that I really want to ask? I’d have to wait a whole day! That would suck. I ask when I wonder or need help with something, final as that.

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I only ask when I have a general want to hear others opinions, or when I need advise. Some days I don’t ask at all. Some days I use all three.

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I ask questions which I think will get a response. Some are made to think – some are made simply to communicate.

I agree with much that has been said above, but I also think that if it were not for the fluff questions – we’d be a twitter based, google-like Q and A site – like those that open up like mushrooms after the rain. Andclose down as fast. And are populated by 13 year olds with oily skin.

When you shoot a lot of arrows, some miss. I have asked over 1200 questions at last count – sometimes, yes, out of loneliness. Never out of boredom – and I wouldn’t ask a question I wouldn’t answer myself. I also take the time to think of a play on words, a joke, funny details and topics – it’s a blog of sorts at times, as some have said they dislike the idea – again – you don’t have to reply. You don’t have to even click on it. You don’t even have to click on Social.

When jellies I have come to love and respect over the many years come into a thread and a dicussion ensues – what difference does it make what the Title was? Or details, for that matter; hey, isn’t that what Social is for.

Those who don’t like these questions – (though I don’t think any of Wundayatta’s could be considered “fluff” – maybe pop psych – in Social) – hey – go to General.

I like the format – it’s like chat for those who can’t type fast. And you have the benefit of time to read up – and the room isn’t spinning.

Why so serious?

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Gosh, @zen made a lot of sense to me, no wonder I follow him, I guess..

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You really must stop goshing.

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If all of the Fluther users asked 3 questions per day each, do you know how many questions you’d have to scroll through on a daily basis? In addition, how stupid would the site be if there were all these bullshit questions people asked just to use up their quotas?

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