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How many days can you survive without food?

Asked by harryko (7points) August 22nd, 2011

No food,no water.

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You can go a couple weeks without food. But only a few days to a week without water. Depending on your conditioning health and normal hydration level.

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Location also plays a part. A cool climate with adequate shade you will survive longer than in the middle of a desert in the tropics.

No water, 2–3 days max.
No food a couple weeks.

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I’ve gone about 3 days without food but without water, no way.

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Many, many factors to consider. Your health is the number one thing that has to be considered. Your will power and determination are other factors. The amount of body fat is also very important, as is your metabolism rate. Doctors say the longest time would be eight weeks without food if you have water.

You would never survive that long without water. Your body size and atmospheric temperature plays roles in how fast you’d dehydrate. Three to six days is average depending on how healthy the person is in ideal circumstances.

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I would say that more important than will power and determination is… skill, woodcraft (or the native ‘craft’ of whatever environment you’re in… it could be seacraft) and ability to improvise and protect oneself from the sun. Because with “no” water, you have to stay out of the sun at all costs. As @WestRiverrat says, location plays a big part.

One can last for weeks without food, no more than a few days, tops, without water.

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Me, personally, probably two or three at the most, depending on what I had leading up to it, and where I am stranded.

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Well I think I could go several days or maybe even weeks without food. It’s all in your head. I think I would tll myself “you’re not hungry.” But along with that would come irritation and attitudes because I get a little flustered when my stomach growls telling me I’m hungry.

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I can barely survive without food every couple hours.

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When I have blood work done.,.I have to fast for about 12 hours. Thats about it for me..I eat or die. LOL

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6 hours, while awake. 12 hours, while in sleeping state, to the point of death.

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“12 hours, while in sleeping state, to the point of death.”

Are you saying that you flat lined because you went 12 hours without eating?

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I went nearly 48hours without food when I had my appendix out…it was horrible, I was vomiting severely too! It wasnt pleasant so for me personally, I need to eat when I am hungry!!! I guess if I had to starve to survive I could, but who knows!

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@Brian1946 I meant that I could survive for 12 hours without food and water while I’m sleeping, after 12 hours sleeping time I’ll have to fill my body or I’ll die, instantly. I’m quite skinny, you know.

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I remember a CSI episode in which Grissom stated that on average you can survive 2 minutes without oxygen, two days without water, and two weeks without food. There, I said it. I’m a CSI geek.

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Pushing it to the very very limit…

No water: 5 or 6 days, tops.
No food: 35 days.

Note: it is possible to survive 30 days without food, and start eating again, but still die because you pushed it too far and there was no going back.

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It depends on your genes and BMI. It was fat people who first colonized Australia. The genes can be identified.

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