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Where was your last Dave Mathews Band concert?

Asked by gravity (3116points) August 23rd, 2011

Do you have a favorite song from the concert? Do you have a favorite moment you care to share? Do you have a favorite song experience from another concert of his? How many do you plan to see? How great is dave?!

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Atlanta, GA and it was fantabulous! I had been clean and sober for 3 yrs and never wanted a joint so badly in my life as that night… The group of people in front of us was smoking out and I so wanted to hit that but I was with my sober freak friend. I stayed clean and sober one more nightl I hope to see him again soon!

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RFK Stadium, in Washington, DC. It was a great concert, but I forgot to take my Xanax before I went, and I had some serious anxiety issues during the show. Also, the sound quality at RFK sucks.

I’m not a big concert going person, due to said anxiety, so I probably won’t see another DMB performance live. I’m glad I did once, though.

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SPAC (Saratoga Performing Arts Center) – Saratoga Springs, NY
Sold out both Friday & Saturday’s shows in less than 6 hours after the tickets went on sale!
(yes, I went to both shows)

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Really? only 2 other responses on here? I really figured there would be some serious dave fans on Fluther. I dould just be imagining things on this blues planet with clouds that scud across the beuatiful flurver colored sky of timpoli.Hmmm I will be seeing him again most def though. He and his band give an awesome and entertainingly mind blowing and mellowed out show.

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I was disappointed I couldn’t go to this concert, but then it was cancelled due to the hurricane! Maybe the new dates will be possible to attend.

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So the last time I caught DMB was in ‘09, at Hersheypark Stadium, PA.
I should have gone to the Gorge last year, but decided against it.

Nothing will ever compare to DMB on Friday, June 27th 2008 – (at the same venue) for me, though. This was the last time I was blessed to see LeRoi Moore perform live. I went to that show with my best friend, which was a reunion of sorts since he’s in RI and I was living in MD at the time. The opening act were the Black Crowes, which was a complete mindf*ck since we both really loved that band back in the 90s.

DMB’s show the next night was at Nissan Pavilion in Bristow, VA – and sadly it was to be LeRoi’s last performance. I always think back to that show on 6/27/08 – and how it almost didn’t come together for me to be there – and I will forever be grateful to have experienced LeRoi’s genius that night.

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