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What are your thoughts on marijuana?

Asked by spittingamethyst (246points) August 23rd, 2011

Pros. Cons. Experiences. Opinions. I want to hear what you have to say.

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There’s a thread right below yours that is essentially the same lol.

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My thoughts on Marijuana?

Wow, this is cool.
Hands are neat. Look at what they can do.
I think Alicen is into me.
Wish I had a Mazerati. Those cars are cool.
Cheetos???? I love cheetos!!!

My thoughts are more coherent when not on marijuana.

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I’m looking for my picture of a rolled up piece of white bread rolled in peanut butter and dipped in fruity pebbles cereal, but I can’t find it…

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It is the most defended drug of them all, and yet probably by far the worst of them all.

If you shoot up heroin it will fuck you up quite fast, fast enough that you maybe have a fairly good chance to get clean of it, but weed takes ages to get to you. By the time you realize it is hurting you, it’s too late, smoking it is now a key part of your personality.

Weed will alter your personality, like it or not, you wont be the same person after a few years of weed use as you would have been without it. Weed will give you “proof” time and time again that there is nothing wrong with weed, because last time it was all good fun, but this is a false confirmation.

I smoked the stuff for over a decade until I finally quit, and you know what… smoking a joint is fine, so is two, or three, or even a years worth. However smoke that stuff day in and day out for a decade, and you can kiss your short term memory goodbye, and say hello to poor physical endurance, a lazy mentality, and possible sever mental problems.

Weed also stunts your psychological development, if you start smoking it age 15, at age 20 you will still act very much like a 15 year old.

It will benefit you guaranteed by expanding your sense of humor, and it could potentially benefit you by opening your mind to new ideas, but by and large, it is bad for you.

However, all drugs should be legal. No one should have the right to tell you what you can and can’t do with your own body.

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I think it should be legal.

I think people shouldn’t use it, except for medical use. Although using it every so often is basically the same as getting drunk every so often to me, which is not realy that big a deal.

I think people who get hi every day, or very regularly, fuck themselves up. For anyone to say it isn’t addictive is ridiculous.

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Oh man I got the munchies!

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I think it is bullshit that people can be kept from getting a job, or worse, fired from a job for smoking marijuana on their own time. People can abuse alcohol or cigarettes when they get off of work (some get smoke breaks while working), but can’t take a few hits off a joint when they get home from work. bs

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When I’m on marijuana, I really have about one thought. “Will you please let me lie down and go to sleep. Stop pestering me about whether I like your music. It sucks is wonderful! Now can I just lie down here? Thanks.

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Smells like cat pee. Does nothing positive for me. I’ve lived with two people who were massive quantity smokers of weed and that was a huge chasm in our relationship. From what I could see, the more weed you smoke, the more of a mushroom you become. I’m not a mushroom.

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I think I have a whole heck of a lot more important things to worry about than what somebody else voluntarily chooses to burn and suck into their lungs.

Is it harmful? Of course, but then again so is “huffing” any number of substances. However, you don’t get thrown in jail for having a tube of model airplane glue on or about your person.


I don’t know much about it. My oldest brother smoked it when he was in his “hippy phase”, but I heard it is really bad for your health and that it stinks like burnt garbage. I used to smell it in the hallways when I went to high school, and it didn’t smell good, so I don’t know why so many people like to smoke it. Personally, I’d rather smoke a good cigar than a joint of marijuana.

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this question has been asked a million times over….

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Fuggin’ awesome.

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I am pretty indifferent to marijuana. To be honest, I am quite bored of people whining about it. I think it should be legal but if people get caught using it whilst it is illegal then I have no sympathy.

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I’ve used it about six times and it seems quite harmless to me. I don’t see any reason not to make it legal. It is readily available anyway and is a far less dangerous drug than alcohol.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard Lol….I’m not even sure if I get that….

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@Blackberry I was actually going through my “lulz” folder on my computer and I found it. I instantly thought of this question and decided to share. It was perfect.

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It’s my favorite plant =)

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