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School or art themed decoration ideas?

Asked by Supacase (14523points) August 23rd, 2011

I want to use shadow boxes to make a series of wall hangings that are fun and appropriate for my daughter’s room. I have one idea, but would like a couple more and I’m having trouble coming up with any.

The first one is a shadow box filled with new, sharp crayons – kind of like the were tossed in a box. I would glue a first layer to make a solid background then glue a couple of additional layers with crayons going in different directions.

It is colorful and playful. Any other suggestions on art or school supplies for a couple of additional shadow boxes? I would like to make a set of three or four. Colored pencils and markers seem too similar to the crayons.

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That sounds like a neat idea.

If you want to continue with the colorful theme, you could get a bunch of those pretty silk Gerber Daisies that you can get at Michael’s or other crafts stores.

Or if you don’t mind wasting a couple of bucks worth of pennies, they would look pretty nifty in one of those boxes.

And of course marbles always look nifty. And on a similar theme, gumballs.

Or you could get a bunch of bottles of brightly colored nail polish (they have them cheap at the 99 cent stores and Big Lots) and you could hot glue them into the box, so they look like they’ve just been casually tossed in there, but they would be imobile. Imagine these bottles inside your box. But I would probably pick mostly pinks and reds to make it really pop.

Or even unwrapped pieces of colorful hard candies. Or even Valentine’s Hearts

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How about the contents of a geometry set? I don’t know how old your daughter is.
And you could do one with miniature books.

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