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What way are you carbon dated, a Baby Boomer, Pepsi generation, or Gen X?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26783points) August 23rd, 2011

On the following words and phrases, add behind it the 1st thing that comes to mind.
What do you think when you hear these?

• Sweathogs
• Slide rule
• TV sign off
• Rabbit ears
• PC
• Summer of Love
• Beepers
• Woodstock
• Banker’s hours
• Cloud
• “Dynomite!”
• Muscle cars
• Blue Chip trading stamps
• Streaming video

What do those bring to your mind off the top of your head?

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I was the first baby boomer ever, born January 1943.

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I know all of the things you mentioned, except Blue Chip trading stamps. Does that make me ageless? ;)

I’m actually in Gen X, but just barely.

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I’m Gen X.

Sweathogs – Welcome Back Kotter
Slide rule – Geeks
TV sign off – Old timey TV shows
Rabbit ears – TV antennas
PC – Computer
Summer of Love – 1969, hippies
Beepers – Lord, the dorkiest thing ever in retrospect, but so cool at the time
Woodstock – Wish I’d been alive to go
Banker’s hours – I assume is 8–5?
Cloud – Way of storing/aggregating information
Dynomite – Jimmy whats-his-face
Muscle cars – Things dudes have to impress girls (Mustangs, Corvettes, whatev)
Blue Chip – No clue
Streaming video – Video you can play while it’s downloading

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I’m a Baby Boomer.

Slide rule- used one in the 60’s when I was a senior in high school.

TV sign off- haven’t seen one since I got cable 20 years ago.

Rabbit ears- haven’t used them since the digital TV mandate 2 years ago.

PC- bought one 9 years ago and I’m using it right now.

Summer of Love- I was there for that in San Francisco in 1967.

Beepers- Had to wear one when I worked off-shift for SBC/AT&T. Even though cell phones had been publicly available for 19 years when I last used a beeper, we could only wear beepers while on duty, because the cell phone RF output would occasionally wreak havoc on the digital processing network inside a central office.

Woodstock- I was in the US Navy and IIRC, I had duty that weekend in August, 1969.

“Dynomite!”- Catchword used by JJ, the son in the family in the TV series Good Times.

Muscle cars- I dreamed of having a Chevy 409 when I was in high school.

Blue Chip trading stamps- They were similar to the S&H green stamps that we occasionally used in the 60’s, IIRC.

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Sweathogs – I’ve heard the phrase, but I don’t know what it is.
Slide rule – It’s a fancy ruler :)
TV sign off – ?
Rabbit ears – TV before cable.
PC – a computer running Windows OS
Summer of Love – 1967
Beepers – a pager? I see them in ‘90s movies…
Woodstock – a large-scale hippie concert-fest in 1969
Banker’s hours – ?
Cloud – cloud computing, the “future of computing” although I happen to think the idea isn’t that great…
Dynomite! – I know this is from Good Times because Family Guy taught me that reference…
Muscle cars – Not really sure what this refers to exactly…
Blue Chip trading stamps – Wha?
Streaming video – a means to watch movies online

I suppose I would be part of Generation Y, being born in 1991 (on this day, in fact!). Not knowing some of these suddenly makes me feel really young even though I’m two decades old. Either that or I’m just uninformed…

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@MissAnthrope From what I remember, you are slightly off on “Banker’s Hour”, but pretty much spot on in regards to the rest. Slide rule for geeks? Really? Really?

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@DominicX Happy birthday!

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Happy b-day “kid” which I would say to anyone who do not know what a TV sign off is.” LOL LOL You have to be pretty ancient to know that one.

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Happy birthday, @DominicX! Two decades old. I have socks older than you.

Went to my first Baby Boomers Club meeting the other night.

• Sweathogs-John Travolta
• Slide rule-A teacher in my high school who carried a slide rule and a T-square everywhere.
• TV sign off-Indian chief.
• Rabbit ears-The first television I had in my first apartment.
• Summer of Love-Haight-Ashbury
• Beepers-I thought they were amazing.
• Woodstock-Jimi Hendricks
• Banker’s hours-What we would joke about with people who we thought didn’t work long days.
• Cloud-I have no idea.
• “Dynomite!”-JJ
• Muscle cars-Cruiser
• Blue Chip trading stamps-S&H Green Stamps.
• Streaming video-That is still around, isn’t it?

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Cross between and Baby Boomer and The Pesi Generation.

Actually, I am just an old rock and roller that was born at a perfect time.

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These eras are defined by being born in certain years.

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•Sweathogs…......... I don’t think this ever made it across the Atlantic
• Slide rule…........... I used to use these before calculators came along.
• TV sign off…......... I remember the little star of light disappearing.
• Rabbit ears…........My rabbit ears were rabbit ears
• PC…......................A computer
• Summer of Love ..San Francisco and flower power
• Beepers….............I carried one at work….a pain
• Woodstock…........A revolution that never happened
• Banker’s hours…. Banker’s don’t work
• Cloud…................Storage in cyberspace
• “Dynomite!”.......... A mis spelling?
• Muscle cars…...... I had no interest
• Blue Chip trading stamps… I remember Green Shield stamps
• Streaming video…. BBC iPlayer

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• Sweathogs – Welcome Back Kotter. Loved watching. My whole family watched together.

• Slide rule – math. I don’t think I have ever used one and I was a math person.

• TV sign off – Late at night when the station basically goes quiet.

• Rabbit ears – tv antenna, usually used to refer to an indoor antenna.

• PC – personal computer or politically correct.

• Summer of Love – Free love, flower children, hippies. Late 60’s I think.

• Beepers – no idea

• Woodstock – Rock concert that lasted a few days when drugs and free love were very popular. The concert took pace in Woodstock, NY, hence the name. 1969.

• Banker’s hours 10–4 (at the most 9–4. I actually think my bank from childhood was 9–3).

• Cloud – fluffy white thing up in the sky?

• “Dynomite!” – Good Times and JJ

• Muscle cars – American cars with loud engines owned by men who are typically blue collar

• Blue Chip trading stamps – I think it was like stocks, but there was some sort of court action for the trading not being above board or something?

• Streaming video – online video

I guess I am Gen X. I was born in the late 60’s. I am certainly not the Pepsi generation whatever that is, my mom would have a heart attack. She did not allow any Pepsi in the house and we could not go to Burger King when I was a kid bevause they had a Pepsi contract. She did however still speak to my husband when he worked for Pepsi for a few years.

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• Sweathogs – Nick at Nite “Up your nose with a rubber hose.”
• Slide rule – Neanderthal calculator on grandpa’s desk
• TV sign off – Replaced by all night infomercials
• Rabbit ears – obsolete since mandated digital TV
• PC – techno warrior in the eternal battle vs. mac
• Summer of Love – relics seen in vans outside Phish and Dave Matthews concerts
• Beepers – drug dealers
• Woodstock – documentary, don’t take the brown acid
• Banker’s hours – short work day
• Cloud – some new Windows concept that makes me uneasy
• “Dynomite!” – Jimmy Walker, mother Florida, often referenced on Family Guy
• Muscle cars – small penis compensation
• Blue Chip trading stamps – not a clue
• Streaming video – Netflix!

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What generation is 1954?

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A Baby Boomer, @faye! Are you in the club?

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@faye In America it is the baby boom.

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@JLeslie Banks of my childhood had the same hours of yours. I wondered how anyine got any banking done as it was closed on the way to work and closed after they left work.

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@Hypocrisy_Central I have a vague memory of it being open on Saturday? Not 100% sure though. 9–12?

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What do those bring to your mind off the top of your head? I know what all of them are…It makes me think of summer weekend nights at my grandparents house.

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Cheerleaders riding war pigs.

• Slide rule
You must be this tall to die.

• TV sign off
The TV Guide we got on every Saturday.

• Rabbit ears

• PC
A desktop.

• Summer of Love
Midsummer Night’s Dream.

• Beepers
Those phone things from the late nineties. The fuck they called, pagers, yeah.

• Woodstock

• Banker’s hours
Those exist?

• Cloud
Final Fantasy VII.

• “Dynomite!”

• Muscle cars

• Blue Chip trading stamps
Poker, rednecks.

• Streaming video
Internet, pirating.

I do not understand this question lol. However, although you might think I fuck around, I honestly and truly listed the very first things that came to mind when reading those things. So I’d really appreciate any follow up this question may have. :)

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@Symbeline OK, why do you believe muscle cars are associated with gangsters? @Cruiser if you are around, better get ready to book.

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I don’t know what muscle cars are. It just made me think of big, beefed up Dick Tracey cars from the forties and all.

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