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I stopped eating meat one year ago but still crave it all the time, especially burgers. I've tried all the different brands of soy and veggie burgers but none come close to the real thing. Please send me suggestions before I fall off the wagon. BBQ season is torture! Help!

Asked by trudacia (2508points) May 5th, 2008 from iPhone
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Try these.

sorry, iwamoto, beatcha to it. ;-P

Uh oh. Calling @iwamoto!

I know you’ve linked those as being 100% vegetarian… but I cannot find a link to the actual product. Just a picture alone isn’t very helpful and so I hope you can pull my ass outta this fire I just jumped into.

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@robmandu, don’t be a dick. Being a vegetarian is a really difficult and often selfless act.

Trudacia, nothing is going to taste like the real thing. Maybe you’re craving it because you’re not getting enough protein or iron or B vitamins?

Also, don’t tell the other herbivores I said this, but I don’t see why vegetarians should have to be all or nothing. If you’re really craving a burger, have a burger. Cutting out 99% of the meat in your diet is still going to come very close to accomplishing whatever your goal is (health, preserving the environment, being ethical, etc).

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It’s because you are a meat-a-saurous. Don’t fear the reaper.

But seriously. If you fall of of a wagon like this then you aren’t truely commited to the idea you are trying to protect. Review the reasons you became a vegan in the first place.

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I often think that I might give up but I remind myself of why I gave up meat. I love animals! I hope that I’ll continue to abstain.

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I think that your reasons for being a vegetarian become relevant here. No one wants to feel deprived, or like a martyr, even when they’re acting in ways that align with their values.

If you don’t eat meat because of the farming conditions, then maybe try meat that is grass fed/cage free or grown somewhere locally where you know that the animal was well cared for and died in a respectful way.

If you don’t eat meat because of the disproportionate water and land resources it takes to grow it, then stick to meats like chicken that don’t require fewer resources to grow.

In general, try to find clarity about why you aren’t eating meat, and find a way to align that value with not feeling deprived or unhealthy. Balance is the key :)

-From a 10 year vegetarian

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If you haven’t eaten meat for close to a year, maybe you should just give in and have a little. I am guessing that since your system is no longer used to it, you may feel ill after eating it, and that might help curb furture cravings.

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@robmandu: SORRY! I’m so used to having to defend myself I guess I got a bit defensive there! :( I take it back.

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@niki, ningĂșn problema, mi amigo!

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or . . you know,

“we have animals locked in factory farms, turned into milk and meat machines”

i hope you find a tasty, vegetarian recipe

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@ishotthesheriff That ought to do the trick. I am having a salad for dinner.

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@nikipedia, I thought your answer was spot on. There are a lot worse things you can do in your life than have an occassional burger. Eat. Enjoy. Don’t hate yourself in the morning.

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i somewhat agree with niki, i’ve done it.
i’d just rather stay away from the hormones and steroids in that shit . . .

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Your question reminded me of a story I heard on NPR about Baconsalt:

They have some great recipes that are veggie that might help to alleviate the “not-eating-meat blues”. They write about at least one of the flavors on their blog that is veggie and kosher:

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well, this is unexpected, my veggie burgers!
i agree with niki, if you eat one once in a while they won’t arrest you..but the last time i accidentily ate meat i got sick, just from not being used to it…

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@iwamoto, so you just whipped those bad boys up in your own kitchen? No wonder they look so tasty and fresh.

What didja use for the patty? Regular ole Boca Burger?

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uhm actualy albert heijn huismerk, i think they’re made from soy, and they taste great i must say

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