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What about your S/O's driving or backseat driving annoys you the most?

Asked by Adirondackwannabe (36523points) August 24th, 2011

Does she hit every pothole and manhole cover on the street? Does he drive aggressively? Does she freakout when someone pulls out 500 yards in front of you? Does he take turns too fast? What drives you crazy about your s/o’s driving? Just wondered if there are other jellies that bite their tongues all the time to stay out of the doghouse.

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She stops too suddenly. She drives too slow, then when a red light comes up, she speeds up and then stops too suddenly. Drives me nuts. I have to stop letting her drive me to work.

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He has a tendency to tailgate. At first I barely noticed it but after a while I started noticing it more, though I never commented until one time I finally just told him that he was tailgating and asked him not to; it’s dangerous. He seemed to not even realize he was doing it. He seems to be doing it less and less, but I still notice it every now and then…

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He texts while driving. I don’t bite my tongue. I bitch about it every time I catch him doing it.

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@ANef_is_Enuf That’s insane. I’d bitch too.

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Egh i hate letting her drive. Its like I do because I dont want to drive all the time but I instantly regret it when im in the car. She accelerates really slow from stops and then stays driving slow. We can be on a 2 lane highway and come up on a car goin 5 under in the right lane with the left lane free. Rather than switch lanes and go around the car she will slow down and just sit behind it. Her reaction time is also incredibly slow compared to mine which has led to some scary close calls in the car with her.

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She’s a better-than-average-driver. But sometimes too aggressive. Like in a drive-thru, when the car in front of her moves, she’ll quickly move up to advance then quickly brake. (Not understanding that its pointless to accelerate beyond 5 mph when you know you’re gonna have to brake again anyway in 1 second).

And sometimes she tailgates slow people but the problem is they are only slow because they guy in front of them is slow. I support tailgating truly slow people (but only if they’re the ones causing it all, at the front of the line).

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@uberbatman Oh man do I feel you.

Yeah, I’m always like, “I don’t wanna drive….but I know I hate his driving but….I really don’t feel like driving.” So I let him. And regret it every time. I have caught him falling asleep multiple times, he drives too slow, or too fast, tailgates, tries to dip a sandwich in sauce while adjusting his ipod at the same time….he slows down to look at his phone and has on multiple occassions almost stopped in the middle of a highway without noticing it….I could really go on and on. :(

He also does not read road signs. Seriously.

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What is the feasibility of you driving instead of him?


Have you ever asked him to give you his texter thingy before he plants himself in the cockpit?

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